Papers with Their Authors, Topics for Discussion and Bussiness Sessions of the Sixty-Second Annual Convention

THE program for the sixty-second annual convention of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, to be held August 21-24 at Milwaukee, Wis., is an unusually full one, with plenty of provision for discussion of important topics of fire fighting and fire prevention. The papers listed, too, are on subjects well chosen and of particularly timely interest.

Following is the program:

Tuesday, August 21 —10 A.M. Opening Session.

Meeting called to order by President Selden R. Allen. 1 n vocation.

Introduction of Distinguished Guests.

Address of welcome, by Mayor Daniel W. Hoan.

Response, by Chief D. W. Brosnan, Albany, Ga.

President’s Message.

Memorial Service.

Roll Call of Departed Brothers.

Memorial Address. 2 P.M.

“Civil Service Protection for Fire Departments,” by Joseph N. Sullivan, Chief of Fire Department, Utica, N. Y.

“Civil Service Laws,” by Edward Murray, Chairman, Fire and Police Commission, Milwaukee, Wis.

“The I. A. F. C. Educational Program Has Made Marked Progress,” by Frank Cushman. Chief, Trade & Industrial Education, Washington, D. C.

8 P. M.

“Forest and Brush Fire Fighting,” by Chris Smith, Chief of Fire Department, Muskegon, Mich.

“Arson” (illustrated by lantern slides), by George O. Mansfield, Chief Fire Inspector, Massachusetts Department of Public Safety, Boston, Mass.

Wednesday, August 22—10 A.M.

“Fires in Grain Elevators and Flour Mills,” by E. A. Traeger, Chief of Fire Department, Minneapolis, Minn.

“Dust Explosion Hazards in Flour Mills and Grain Elevators” (illustrated with motion pictures), by Dr. David J. Price. U. S. Dept, of Agriculture, Washingington, D. C.

“The Water System—The First Line of Defense in Fire Fighting,” by E. P. Bohmann, Superintendent. Water Works, Milwaukee, Wis.

“Progress in the Development of Fire Apparatus, and Problems in Connection with Its Use,” by Clarence Goldsmith, Assistant Chief Engineer, the National Board of Fire Underwriters, Chicago, 111.

2 P.M. Round Table.

Topic No. 1. “Property and Life Hazards Are Increased by Severely Cold Weather.” Discussion led by H. Callan, Chief, Fire Department, Youngstown, Ohio. Topic No. 2. “Precautions Necessary in the Care of Apparatus and Equipment.” Discussion led by C. H. Ginther, Chief, of Fire Department, Rochester, Minn.

Topic No. 3. “Hydrant Service in Cold Weather.” Discussion led by Hugo R. Delfs, Chief. F’ire Department. Lansing, Mich.

Topic No. 4. “Is the Increase in the Number of Large Fires Since the First of the Year an Indication of the Results of Weakening of Fire Defenses Through Depression Curtailments?” Discussion lead by Frank McAuliffe, Chief, Salvage Corps. Chicago, 111.

Topic No. 5. “Is the Failure to Replace Old Apparatus with the Modern Machines Materially Weakening the Fire Defenses of Our Cities?” Discussion led by John J. Towey, Chief, Fire Department, Newark, N. J.

Topic No. 6. “Modern Salvage Work.” Discussion led by James T. Keegan, Superintendent, Salvage Corps, Newark, N. J.

Topic No. 7. “What Effect Has the Depression Had on the Fire Service.’” Discussion led by John J. O’Boyle, Chief of Fire Department, St. Louis, Mo.

7:30 P.M.

Banquet, Grand Ball Room, Schroeder Hotel.

Thursday, August 23—10 A.M.

“Modern Methods in fighting Fires,” by Ex-Assistant Chief Thomas F. Dougherty, New York, N. Y.

“Has Radio a Place in the Fire Service,” by John F. Healy, Chief of Fire Department, Denver, Col.

“New Sources of Revenue for Fire Protection,” by I. H. Case, Vice President and General Manager, FIRE ENGINEERING, New York City.

2 P.M. Round Table (continued)

Topic No. 8. “What About Three Platoons in the Fire Service,” Discussion led by E. T. Welch, Chief of Fire Department, Columbus, Ohio.

Topic No. 9. “Have Any Results from the Repeal of Prohibition Been Noted in the Fire Service?” Discussion led by Ross B. Davis, Chief, Fire Department, Philadelphia, Pa.

Topic No. 10, “Buying Gasoline for Fire Trucks.” Discussion led by Ed Rumsey, Superintendent, Machinery, Detroit. Mich.

Topic No. 11, “Rendering Aid to Rural Districts.” Discussion led by J. E. Florin, Superintendent of Fire Prevention. Wisconsin, Industrial Commission, Madison, Wis.

Topic No. 12. “Should Fire Apparatus Pass Through Traffic Lights When Red?” Discussion led by William Gardner, Chief of Underwriters Patrol, Kansas City, Mo.

Topic No. 13, “Should Fire Departments Make Loss Estimates on Damaged Property?”

8.30 P.M.

Entertainment and Refreshments.

Friday, August 24—9.30 A.M.

Unfinished Business. Reading of Reports, etc.

Election of Officers.

Selection of Next Convention City.


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