US Fire Pump Unveils Apparatus Fire Pump

HOLDEN, LA—US Fire Pump is excited to announce its newest HVP6000 for fire apparatus applications that is available for midship or rear-mounted applications.

US Fire Pump’s high-velocity pumps are more than just volume. President/CEO Chris Ferrara states, “Our pumps produce both volume and pressure, which is what you need to fight large-scale fires. Our newest pump flows 6,256 gpm from draft at 125 psi.”

Testing was validated by Underwriters Laboratory and witnessed by the Office of Louisiana State Fire Marshal. The HVP6000, mounted in a new Ferrara Inundator Super Pumper, achieved a flow of 6,256 gpm at 125 psi.

Chris Ferrara has always been known as an innovator, and his newest line of firefighting equipment holds true to that statement. “This new pump is another first for the fire apparatus industry. We were the first apparatus fire pump manufacture to hold the Guinness World Record in 2015, and our newest pump exceeds our previous pump by 764 gpm at 7 psi higher”, said Ferrara.

Ferrara further states, “Our fire pumps use a single volute and single impeller.” Using a single volute and single impeller reduces the number of wearable parts. “Our pump has certified casting and can be made of stainless steel, cast iron or bronze. These pumps can be installed in midship or rear mounted applications,” Ferrara adds.

US Fire Pump has many pumps in service around the world and have proven to be a dependable in this industry.

US Fire Pump’s newest innovation is being unveiled at FDIC International 2018 at booth 4500.

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