Used Army Trucks Available for Mounting O.C.D. Equipment

Used Army Trucks Available for Mounting O.C.D. Equipment

The Office of Civilian Defense, at Washington, D. C., issued the following notice on February 18, 1944.

TO: Regional Directors and Assistant

Regional Directors in Charge of Protection.

FROM: General U. S. Grant, 3d, Chief, Protection Branch.

SUBECT: Additional Information Regarding Surplus Army Trucks for Mounting Office of Civilian Defense Auxiliary Fire Equipment.

Special Distribution Instructions: To State and local Defense Councils.

  1. Supplementing and revising Notice of January 15 on the above subject, the following information is supplied for the guidance of all concerned.
  2. The War Department is in process of turning over to the Treasury Procurement Office a large number of rargo vehicles of Model 1939 and before. These vehicles have all been inspected and declared serviceable but “uneconomical for repair” and are to be sold “as is.” While no guarantees are issued, it will be found that in the great majority of cases the vehicles will be quite satisfactory for the purposes intended. Regional Offices may obtain information regarding the number and location of such vehicles by contacting the Ordnance Officer of the Service Command in which they are located.
  3. Communities may get an opportunity to purchase these vehicles for their OCD organizations in the following manner.
    1. Certify to the nearest Treasury Procurement District Office by letter that the vehicles are to be purchased by a tax-supported organization and that title is to remain therein.
    2. Certify in the same manner that the vehicle is needed for the purpose of mounting OCD fire equipment.
    3. Contact the nearest Treasury Procurement District Office and ascertain the location of the trucks which are presently available as well as the appropriate procedure for their purchase.
  4. The certificate that the vehicles are needed and are to be used by a “taxsupported organization” entitles such application to priority of purchase behind Federal agencies but ahead of civilians and other potential buyers. Sale may be by negotiation and not necessarily on a bid basis.
  5. If not already obtained, a “Certificate of War Necessity” will be needed for the operation of the vehicle after it has been obtained, but by arrangement with the Office of Defense Transportation, such certificates will be granted upon request for the purpose of operating a vehicle upon which OCD equipment is mounted.
  6. It is suggested that delays in this matter be avoided because the supply of these vehicles, while apparently adequate, is limited, and they will be sold as appropriate applications are approved for them.

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