Mattoon, III., Ordinance Provides for Fees to Be Paid by Individuals Outside City Limits for Fire Protection, the Same to Be Applied Solely to Those Purposes

ORDINANCES of the city of Mattoon, Ill., passed in 1929, reaffirming those of 1926, provide that individuals outside the city limits, in order to obtain the advantages of the services of the city Fire Department, must pay a fee of $50 for each of the premises owned by them. This payment will entitle them to fire protection for the term of five years.

The ordinance further provides that all of the funds thus accumulated shall be expended for the purpose of repair of present equipment of the Fire Department or for the purchase of new equipment.

Regulation of Fire Protection Outside City Limits

The ordinance in question is as follows :

“Whereas, divers property owners, residing without the city limits of the city of Mattoon. but within its immediate vicinity, whose names are on file in the office of the City Clerk, desire to have the protection of Mattoon City Fire Department, and have and are willing to contribute funds to the city of Mattoon for the purpose of installing new apparatus in the Fire Department of said city, and, whereas other like property owners may hereafter desire to contribute to the support of said Fire Department, and it is the desire of the city of Mattoon to furnish to such persons and their assigns the use of the Fire Department for protecting their property located without the city limits;

“And whereas, it is deemed expedient and proper that the city of Mattoon should declare its obligations to said property owners and should adopt regulations controlling the use of its fire apparatus outside of the city limits, and in order to fulfill said obligations and establish such regulations, the following ordinance was adopted June first, 1926, and the said city desires to continue such relations until such future time as it may deem it necessary to cancel same. Therefore said ordinance is herewith reenacted :

Outside Protection for Five Years

“That the city of Mattoon will furnish to the property owners whose names and applications are now on file in the office of the City Clerk and who have complied with this ordinance, and those who may hereafter comply with the terms of this ordinance, the use of its Fire Department in the event of fires in their respective present residences or out buildings, for the period of five years from the date of their compliance with the terms of this ordinance: Provided, that nothing in this ordinance contained shall be construed to bind the city of Mattoon to furnish only the usual and customary services of its Fire Department as the same are now enjoyed by the residents of the city of Mattoon and then only when said Fire Department is not in service at a fire in the city of Mattoon. Provided also, that at no time shall all the fire-fighting apparatus of said department be taken beyond the corporate limits of said city, but at all times there shall be kept in said city one complete unit of fire-fighting apparatus, with a sufficient number of members of the department to operate the same: provided, also, there shall be no liability upon the part of the city for its failure to furnish fire protection thereunder from any cause whatsoever.

Must Be Within Five Miles of City Limits

“The names of those complying with this ordinance with the location of their property shall be posted in a prominent place in the Fire Department station and any donor to said fund may assign his rights to fire protection to his premises to the purchaser of said premises and shall notify the Chief of the Fire Department of said assignment.

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Uses Outside Protection Fund for Equipment

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“No person shall be accepted as a donor to said fund unless his property in the opinion of the Chief of the Fire Department shall be so located as to be accessible for the fire trucks, and in no event shall it be at a greater distance than five miles from the corporate limits of said city.

“Any person owning real estate without said city limits, as aforesaid and desiring the use of the Fire Department as provided for in this ordinance may come within the provisions of this ordinance, subject to the provisions of section 40, by paying into the Fire Department Fund the sum of Fifty Dollars for each premises owned by him. The City Clerk shall thereupon give him a receipt and shall notify the Chief of the Fire Department of such payment and the location of said premises.

“No person shall be permitted to procure fire protection hereunder for any less than Fifty Dollars for each of the premises owned by him, and the duty upon the part of the city to furnish protection hereunder shall cease at the end of five years from the time of the compliance with the terms of this ordinance. Provided also: The city shall have the right to cancel this obligation at any time by refunding the proportionate part of the premium paid for the unexpired term. At the expiration of said five year term the City Council may by resolution if it so desires extend the period of said protection for a period not to exceed five years to such persons upon the payment of a fee of Fifty Dollars each.

“All funds arising under this ordinance shall be used solely to repair the present equipment and to purchase additional equipment.”

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