USFA Announces Grant Awards for 155 Fire Departments Throughout the United States

Washington, D.C. – The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the United States Fire Administration (USFA) announce the third round of the 2003 Assistance to Firefighter Grant Awards, for 155 fire departments. The monetary investment announced in this third round exceeds $7 million.

“In support of our firefighters who are often first on the scene in emergencies, we’re putting critical resources directly into local fire departments and the neighborhoods they serve,” said Michael D. Brown, Under Secretary of Homeland Security for Emergency Preparedness and Response (FEMA). “These grants underscore President Bush’s commitment to provide first responders with the resources needed to answer the call in disasters of all type, natural and man-made.

The Assistance for Firefighters Grant Program assists rural, urban and suburban fire departments throughout the United States. These funds are used by the nation’s firefighters to increase the effectiveness of firefighting operations, fire fighter health and safety programs, new fire apparatus, Emergency Medical Service programs, and Fire Prevention and Safety Programs. FEMA and the USFA expect to continue these announcements for the next 11 months. The total of all awards, when completed, will represent a $750 million investment to enhance fire and EMS service delivery nationwide.

A complete state-by-state listing of applications, financial information and data from the fire service requests can be found at Fire departments having questions regarding the Assistance to Firefighters Grant program can reach the FEMA Grant Program staff at 1-866-274-0960, or email:

For the most current information regarding the 2003 Assistance to Firefighter Grant Program, visit

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