Utilizing Hot Wells.

Utilizing Hot Wells.

An interesting item of intelligence from Boise City is that the boiling wells a mile from that place are to he utilized for heating buildings. Boise City is fortunate indeed if this can be done. There are several artesian wells that pour out great streams of boiling water. It is not mineral water, but just pure, clean, hot water, utilized heretofore only for bathing. But now a six-inch pipe is to he laid from the wells to the town, and the fluid is to be introduced into business blocks and private dwellings, to secure a summer temperature in cold weather. The saving in coal will be fifty per cent, as there is no expense about getting the water except to pipe it. It is to be hoped the supply will hold out and that this unique experiment will be successful. The saving in dust, ashes, soot, coal, smoke and labor is incalculable.

The method of heating buildings by hot water is coming to be recogniz-ed as the best. Florists found it out long ago, and now most of the large modern greenhouses that supply cut flowers to the trade are kept at the right temperature by this soft, steady heat. The machinery necessary to heat houses thus has become so complete and so reasonable in price that any house supplied with a constant flow of water can be warmed in this most healthful, cleanly and convenient of all ways.

The time will probably come when every well-to-do farmer will have his home heated in this way. Artesian wells are not so very expensive, and many farms do not even need these, for they are supplied with never failing springs and brooks. A windmill will usually pump the water into a tank which gives the necessary pressure, and the piping can be done at not great expense. A small furnace and boiler will do the rest. There is really no reason why farm houses should not have as complete arrangements for comfort as a city house.

heading. Pa., has adopted a house sewerage system that will cost $125,000.

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