V-12 Pumper Tested in New Rochelle

V-12 Pumper Tested in New Rochelle

An American-La Franee 1,000-gallon pumper with the new 12-cylinder engine and provided with an 80-gallon booster tank was delivered to New Rochelle, N. Y., and successfully passed the standard three-hour Underwriters’ tests. It is of the Metropolitan V-12 type.

The test was conducted in the presence of Chief Walter Jones of the New Rochelle Fire Department and a number of Chiefs from municipalities in Westchester County.

The specifications called for 1,000 gallons at 120 pounds pressure for two hours, 500 gallons at 200 pounds pump pressure for one half hour and 333 gallons at 250 pounds pump pressure for one half hour.

According to figures computed by an engineer of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, who had charge of the test, the new type pumper delivered 1,082 gallons at 133 pounds pump pressure for two hours with an engine speed of 1,491 r.p.m., and a pump speed of 497 r.p.m. It delivered 519 gallons at 210 pounds pump pressure for one half hour with an engine speed of 1,278 r.p.m., and a pump speed of 273 r.p.m. On the last test which was also for a half hour, it delivered 378 gallons at 261 pounds pump pressure. The engine speed was 927 r.p.m., and the pump speed 198 r.p.m. In each of the tests, the results were far above the specifications.

Views of the Metropolitan V-12 1,000 Gallon Pumper Delivered to New Rochelle, N. Y. Chief Walter Jones of New Rochelle is shown in the upper photograph. Suction was obtained through a line of five-inch hose from a river, and the discharge through two 2 1/2-inch lines.

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