Valve Control Explained to Water Works Men

Valve Control Explained to Water Works Men

New England Water Works Association Hears Interesting Paper at Its December Meeting—Paper on China Read— Issue the Official Ballot Showing Candidates for Election

THE December meeting of the New England Water Works Association was held in the Hotel Brunswick, Boston, Mass., on Wednesday afternoon, December 14. The executive committee met in the morning at the headquarters of the association in Tremont Temple, and a well attended luncheon was held in the hotel at one o’clock.

Two illustrated talks were the features of the meeting. Peter Payne Dean, of New York City, spoke on “Electrical Operation and Control of Gate Valves for Water Works Systems,” and Thomas H. Wiggin, of Scarsdale, N. Y., told of “Two Years in China,” showing some remarkably fine pictures of scenes along the Grand Canal in China. Alfred Betant, director of water supply, Geneva, Switzerland, was selected to membership in the association. The report received by the Executive Committee from the Budget Committee for 1922 was adopted and made public at the meeting. The committee was composed of Reeves J. Newson, commissioner of water supply, Lynn, Mass., chairman; Frank A. Marston, of Boston; and David A. Heffernan, of Milton. President Charles W. Sherman presided at the meeting. It was announced that the January meeting of the association will be held at the Boston City Club.

The paper on the electrical control of gate valves proved to be a very interesting and complete description of the new device known as the “Dean Control System.” There were pictures showing many different installations of the mechanism. Mr. Dean began his talk by saying that as a general thing gate valves are very much neglected pieces of mechanism. He said that it was often a long and laborious task to close gate valves under velocity conditions and that he had spent much time in making experiments to devise a plan whereby such valves could be easily and quickly closed in emergencies. The speaker pointed out that electrically operated pumps are sometimes damaged through the failure of check valves to close promptly. Electrical control would eliminate this danger. Mr. Dean said that there are three methods that have been tried other than hand operation of gate valves. These are cylinder operation, water motors, and electric control.

He strongly favored the electrical control plan and stated that the device he has perfected is waterproof and can he readily attached to any valve. It is self lubricating and small enough to be passed through an ordinary manhole opening. He mentioned the fact that the Dean Control System has been adopted for use on gate valves on water mains under Fifth Avenue, New York City, and in connection with the new Boston high pressure fire system. According to Mr. Dean a speed of three inches per minute is the proper rate to close a gate in a main in order to avoid water hammer.

Thomas H. Wiggin, consulting engineer of Scarsdale, N. Y., entertained the members of the association with the story of some of his experiences in China where he went in connection with surveys and estimates for work on the Grand Canal and for the investigation of irrigation opportunities. He told of the floods caused by the Yellow River washing out the banks of the canal and illustrated the talk with a map of China and about seventy stereopticon views.

News was received of the death of a member of the association, Samuel M. Gray, consulting engineer of Providence, R. I., whose death occurred on November 5.

Those present at the meeting were:

Honorary Member

E. C. Brooks, Melrose, Mass.


Lewis M. Bancroft, Reading. Mass.

W. R. Conard, Burlington, N. J.

Charles W. Sherman, Boston, Mass.

John F. Lucey. supt. w. dept., Somersworth, N. H.

D. A. Heffernan, supt. w. dept., Milton, Mass.

A. M. Sutherland, supt. w. w., Westford, Mass.

M. B. Wright, supt. w. w., North Chelmsford, Mass.

Albert L. Sawyer, water registrar, Haverhill, Mass.

Frank A. Gunther, supt. w. w., Draeut, Mass.

H. F. P. Wilkins, manager w. w., Marblehead, Mass.

John Doyle, gen. foreman w. w., Worcester, Mass.

J. A. Garratt, eng. b. of w. comm., Hartford, Conn.

H. E. Reed, supt. w. w., Bridgewater, Conn.

Charles R. Bettes, Queens County W. Co., Far Roekaway, N. Y.

T. G. Hazard, Jr., Wakefield W. Co., Narragansett Pier, R. I.

F. L. Cole. supt. pub. works, Andover, Mass.

E. D. Eldredge. supt. w. w., Onset, Mass.

Prof. G. C. Whipple, san. eng., Cambridge, Mass.

David A. Hartwell, com. pub. works, Fitchburg, Mass.

E. J. Titcomb, water com., Rochedale, Mass.

F. H. Barbour, Boston, Mass.

A. E. Blackmer, supt. w. w., Plymouth, Mass.

Henry A. Symonds, Boston, Mass.

P. E. Kelly, Hanscom Const. Co., Boston, Mass.

B. S. Coleman, Montclair W. Co., Little Falls, N. J.

R. D. Chase, New Bedford, Mass.

Charles S. Beaudry, supt. w. w., Lexington, Mass.

Patrick Gear, supt. w. w., Holyoke, Mass.

Lewis D. Thorpe, Boston, Mass.

Henry V. Macksey, supt. pub. w., Framingham, Mass.

Clarence W. Mills, supt. w. w., Woonsocket, R. I.

Leonard C. Robinson supt. w. and sewer dept., Concord, Mass.

Morrison Merrill, supt. w and sewer dept., Wakefield, Mass.

Frederic I. Winslow, div. eng., Framingham, Mass.

F. E. Merrill, water com., Somerville, Mass.

George A. King, supt. w. w., Taunton, Mass.

George Bowers, cons, eng., Lowell, Mass.

George W. Bowers, civil eng., Lowell, Mass.

Frank Emerson, Peabody, Mass.

Jesse F. Barrett, supt. w. w., Peabody, Mass.

Allston F. Hart, supt. w. w., Walpole, Mass.

Bertram Brewer, state dept, of health, Boston, Mass.

Dwight Porter, Malden, Mass.

George H. Palmer, Hyannis, Mass.

L. M. Hastings, city eng., Cambridge, Mass.

Edwin H. Rogers, city eng., Newton, Mass.

Richard H. Ellis, supt. bd. of pub. wks., North Hudson, Mass.

Thomas A. Pines, supt. and treas. w. co.. East Greenwich, R. I.

H. T. Gidley, supt. w. w., Fairhaven, Mass.

H. S. Weston, asst. supt. w. w., Danvers, Mass.

Donald K. Otis. Union W. Co., Worcester, Mass.

George M. Batchelder, w. com.. Worcester, Mass.

Joseph A. Hoy, foreman. Worcester, Mans.

J. Waldo Smith, New York, N. Y.

X. H. Goodnough, eng. st. bd. of health, Boston.

George H. Snell, Attleboro, Mass.

Reeves J. Newsom, com. of w. supply, Lynn, Mass.

Peter Payne Dean, New York, N. Y.

L. G. Reed, Bridgeport, Conn.

Associate Members

George McKay, Jr., Philadelphia, Pa., The Leadite Co.

Robert J. Thomas. Lowell, Mass., Gamon Meter Co.

H. W. Jacobs, Worcester, Mass., Union Water Meter Co.

Charles F. Glavin, Boston, Mass., Donaldson Iron Co.

Charles L. Brown, Northboro, Mass., Rensselaer Valve Co.

Lawrence C. Hough, Boston, Mass., The Pitometer Co.

J. H. Smith, Boston, Mass., Herscy Mfg. Co.

F. L. Northrop, Boston, Mass., A. P. Smith Mfg. Co.

W. P. Mosteller, Philadelphia, Pa., U. S. Cast Iron Pipe & Foundry Co.

G. C. Northrop, Pittsburgh, Pa., Pittsburgh Meter Co.

H. R. Prescott, Worcester, Mass., salesman.

E. P. Howard, Boston, Mass., Worthington Pump & Machinery Corp.

W. A. Hersey, Boston, Mass., Hersey Mfg. Co.

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New England Water Works Meeting

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H. F. Peck, Wakefield, Mass., Lead Lined Iron Pipe Co.

H. U. Storrs, Boston, Mass., Chapman Valve Co.

Charles E. Pratt, Springfield, Mass., Chapman Valve Co.

John Knickerbacker, Waterford. N. Y., Eddy Valve Co.

E. M. Shedd, Boston, Mass., Thomson Meter Co.

Walter H. Van Winkle, New York, N. Y., Water Works Equipment Co. W. H. McGarry, Jr., Boston, Mass., Neptune Meter Co.

Arthur R. Taylor, Boston, Mass., Ludlow Valve Mfg. Co.

Samuel Harrison Boston, Mass., Worthington Pump & Machinery Corp. A. B. Coulters, Providence, R. I., Builders’ Iron Foundry.

R. Shirley, Waterford, N. Y., Eddy Valve Co.

R. M. Simon, Worcester, Mass., R. C. Wood & Co.


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