Variations in Meter Dials

Variations in Meter Dials

One of the crying needs along the lines of standardization, is that of the dials of water meters. The confusion which the various types of dials now installed upon meters causes in the minds of consumers is productive of friction and trouble between them and the water works whenever charges are disputed or bills which appear high are questioned.

Like all matters of standardization in water works appliances it takes time and patience to effect a reform. The manutacturers are willing and ready to assist in bringing order out of chaos in respect to the adoption of a uniform dial as in all other matters connected with the making of meters, but it is hard to fix upon any one dial that is satisfactory to all. No doubt, this eventually will be accomplished but. in the meantime, the department on the one hand and the consumer on the other are struggling with the problem of readily reading the various types of dials.

One ingenious method of temporarily meeting this problem was illustrated in last week’s issue on page 1241. This system, devised by William C. Hawley, Chief Engineer of the Pennsylvania Water Company, consists of a series of postal cards sent to the consumers, each illustrating the type of dial adopted by the manufacturer of the consumer’s meter, and explaining the method of reading it. There are three of these postal cards, one for the meter dials reading to the right, one for the meter dials reading to the left and one for the straight reading dials.

This simple plan will, no doubt, offer suggestions to other water works men and will do much to relieve the friction consequent upon the confusion of meter dials. However, there is little doubt that manufacturers, water works superintendents and consumers will all voice the sentiment which cries : Send the day when a uniform dial can be adopted!

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