Buffalo, N. Y.—Captain “Tom” Pursel is dead.

The veteran fireman for a score of years in command of Chemical No 1 in the Terrace and later in charge of Squad No 1, passed away at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Samuel B. Botsford, 1209 Elmood avenue.

The late fireman had many friends who liked to visit his command and hear his stories of fire affairs. The captain was a kindly, courteous man, who always welcomed a visit to break the long and monotonous hours on duty.

Many a homeless wayfarer who passed along the Terrace when the captain was in charge, will remember Pursel for a helping hand. The basement of the firehouse was fitted up for dining purposes by the captain and termed the “rathskeller.” Reporters from police headquarters and friends of the captain’s often gathered for a midnight banquet as the captain’s guests. Injuries suffered at a fire more than a year ago brought about a breakdown in the veteran’s health and upon recommendation of Chief Murphy he was granted a pension. Relief from duty did not keep the captain from the scene of his service and when his condition permitted, he visited his cronies.

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