Vicissitudes of a Village Fire Department

Vicissitudes of a Village Fire Department

Denuded of its potential tragedy, there are many incidents attending the “rolling” of a village fire department in response to an alarm from the antequated “fire signal” Charley Chaplin could find one of these occasions prolific of antics that would produce hysteric laughter and convulse the most sordid grouch in his audience.

Fire Engineering is often in receipt of descriptions of these incidents happening in a community where parsimony dictates dangerous fire conditions.

One of the latest letters coming to the publishers is from Chief Frank D. Warner of New Berlin, N. Y. His description of the attempt of his coterie of firemen to reach a burning building, how the old high-wheeled hose reel became stalled in the snow, the futile attempt to attach it to an auto truck, and the catapulting of the fire-fighters into a snowbank, does not require an elastic imagination to unearth humor.

But Chief Warner’s purpose is to show the citizens of New Berlin the need of sufficient equipment to enable him to cope with a fire when it comes. His present apparatus is so archaic that the flames burn themselves out before he can reach the scene. He has at least induced them to have a referendum vote on an appropriation of money sufficient to purchase new apparatus. The latest fire caused a loss of $50,000.

Huntington, W. Va., to Have New Fire Station—A site has been selected for the construction of a fire station in Huntington, W. Va.

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