Violations Reported in Rockland County

Violations Reported in Rockland County

Two serious matters were brought to the attention of the members of the Rockland County Volunteer Firemen’s association, at a meeting held in Nyack, N. Y.

Fire protection of the State Hospital for the Insane being constructed between Orangeburgh and Pearl River, was considered. The Pearl River Fire Department was called to fight a fire there and upon arrival, Chief Biederman found that no standpipe equipment was available. The only water supply was a well provided with a pipe outlet. The pipe threads did not conform to the National standard which is in use by all Rockland County departments, and it was impossible for the firemen to work efficiently. The fire was finally extinguished by means of a bucket brigade. When the matter was taken up with state officials, they seemed so ill informed, that the matter was taken up with the National Board of Fire Underwriters.

The problem of bottled cooking gases was also considered. In many districts that are not provided with city gas service, the residents depend upon bottled gas. In some cases, it was found that the gas tanks were installed very close to the stoves. Other matters of gas service were considered.

Lockport, N. Y., Firemen Ask for Increase—Lockport. N. Y., firemen have petitioned for a fifteen per cent, pay increase. Firemen now receive $1,800 a year and captains, sixty dollars in addition. Chief Coyle, whose name was not on the petition, receives $2,750.


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