Virginia Firemen Training to Combat Incendiary Fires

Virginia Firemen Training to Combat Incendiary Fires

Under the guidance of Fire Chief Janies M. Duncan, Jr., Alexandria, Va., members of Zone 1 of the Virgina Fire Protective Mobilization Committee are being trained in the art of combating incendiary fires in case this nation should ever be subject to bomb attack.

More than 300 volunteers from Zone 1, which embraces Arlington, Fairfax, P.rince William, Loudoun, and Fauquier Counties .and the City of Alexandria are enrolled in a series of fire defense training schools. Because of the large number of enrollees, the group has been divided into sections, the initial group, composed mainly of fire department officers having already completed the first course.

Classes are held twice a week for a period of about four weeks and a number of prominent authorities on incendiary blazes, high explosives, chemical agents, communications, and other factors pertaining to wartime fire defenses are presented. Army officers from nearby Fort Belvoir, special agents from the F.B.I., and officials from Washington, D. C., have spoken to the groups.

Plans are also afoot to conduct a school in lire ground evolutions, also to he held in Alexandria, in which lire fighters will he taught the latest approved tactics in the operation of lire streams and handling of equipment.

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