Virginia State Association.

Virginia State Association.

The convention of the Virginia firemen at Staunton next week promises to be of unusual interest. The programme provided by Chief Thomas Kivlighan, president of the association will take up the greater part of the week.

The following topics will be discussed at the convention :

Topic No. 1—Which system of water-works is the most reliable—direct pressure, reservoir or stand-pipe system ? By Captain C. D. Carter, Charlottesville Fire Department.

Topic No. 2—The importance of uniformity as far as possible in standards of hose couplings and fire hydrant connections. By Captain James M. Haymaker of Friendship Fire Company No. 1, Winchester F’ire Department.

Topic No. 3—The importance of all cities and towns having inspectors of buildings co-operating with the fire departments. By Captain W. II. Rodrick, Friendship Fire Company No. 3, Roanoke Fire Department.

Topic No. 4—Are fire departments detrimental to the interest of insurance companies? Do they not make more money where there is no fire department than where they are well protected by a well organized fire department ? By Captain R. C. Marshall, Chambers Fire Company No. 2, Portsmouth Fire Department.

Topic No. 5—What is the advantage of siamesing two or more streams into one line of hose ? By Captain Hugh McGhee, Bedford City Fire Department.

Topic No. 6—The importance of our city authorities who control city affairs in ordering to be removed all telegraph and electric wires to such points as to avoid obstruction to fire departments, when buildings on fire are endangering the lives of the firemen. By Captain John T. Long, Staunton Fire Department.

Topic No. 7 — Are our public school buildings so constructed as to afford adequate means of escape in case of fire ? If not, why not ? By Captain C. W. Sykes, Danville Fire Department.

Topic No. 8—The importance of introducing fire drills into all the schools of our State. By Captain J. A. B. Wilson, Buena Vista Fire Department.

Topic No. 9 —Is the use of automatic relief valves and shut-off or controlling nozzles beneficial to fire departments? By Captain George W. Young, Hampton F’ire Department.

Topic No. 10—What is the value of chemical engines and extinguishers to the fire service? By the captain of Junior Hose Company No. 2, Roanoke F’ire Department.

Topic No. 11 —The importance of having the fire telegraph system inaugurated in all cities and towns wherein there are fire departments. By Captain II. M. Butler, Suffolk Fire Department.

Topic No. 12—Firemen’s tournaments—are they an advantage to fire departments and State Association Convention ? If so, please describe in what way, and if an advantage, please point it out. By Captain O. R. Diggs, Berkley Fire Department.

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