In addition to the list of names published in last week’s issue of FIRE AND WATER, the following have added their names to the roll of Chief Swenie of Chicago, and will leave Chicago August 13 to attend the National Association of Fire Engineers at Minneapolis. A special train over the Wisconsin Central will be made up of about six sleepers and a “dinner,” and will carry about 150 persons. The list includes:

D.J. Swenie and wife, Chicago, Ill.; J. P. Barrett and wife, Chicago, III ; E. B. Chandler, Chicago, Ill.; James Crow and wife, Allegheny, Pa.; Jas. A. Taggert, Buffalo, N. Y ; W. R. Joyner, Atlanta, Ga.; G. W. Taylor, Richmond, Va.; Philo B. Shepherd, Knoxville, Tenn.; C. W. Harvey. Beaver Dam. Wis.; S. F. Hayward and wife, New York ; L. B Ong, Chicago, III.;

D. C. Larkin and party (seven), Dayton, O.; Captain Stockell and wife, Nashville, Tenn.; H. A. McQuade, wife and daughter, Chattanooga, Tenn.; T. K. Hardin, Bay City, Mich.; Henry L moin. Grand Rapids, Mich.; J. P. Fulton and friend, Muskegon, Mich.; John T. Larkin, Rockford, Ill.; Julius Pearse, Denver, Col.; C. A. Landy, Chicago, Ill.; E. A. Taft and ladies, Chicago, III.; J. K. Paul, Kansas City, Mo.; Isaac Hutchin, South Bend, Ind.; George Frendrich, Vincennes, Ind ; Chief Kline, Evansville, Ind.; C. E. Bundell, Sharon, Pa.; M. Benner, Chicago, Ill.; E. W. Simpson, wife and friend, Springfield, O.; L. A. Bensley, Eaton Rapids;

E. M. Carell, Nashville, Tenn.; R. Ryan and sister, Chicago, III.; J. H. Freeman and wife, Springfield, Ill ; J. Hubbard, Lima, O.; H. A. Hills, wife and son, Cincinnati, O ; H.W. Yates, L*xington, Ky.; Ed. Hughes, Louisville, Ky.; Chas. Kahn, Dallas, Tex.; J. W. Dickinson and wife, Cleveland, O.; Geo. W. Pollitt, Paterson, N. J.; John Sugg, Paterson, N. J.; J. T. Prowitt, Norwich, Conn.; W. C. Jacques, New Brunswick, N. J.; E. T. Bisbee, Lewiston, III.;

F. L. Tarr, Lewiston, HI.; C. R. Robinson, Concord, N. H.; C. T. Holloway, Baltimore, Md.; H. F. Wheeler, New York ; Matt Sloan, Mobile, Ala.; W. K. Jrmes, Montgomery, Ala.; Thomas O’Connor, New Orleans, La.; A. Kalinski, New Orleans, La.; Wm. Goldenburg, Galveston, Tex.; A. P. Leshure, Springfield, Mass.; W. H. Cowles, Findlay, O.; Samuel Evans, Pittsburgh, Pa.; George A. Steere, Providence, R. I.; John Lindsay. St. Louis, Mo.; John Bennett, Cleveland, O.; James E. Cleary, Memphis, Tenn.; C. I. Hitchcock, Chicago; C. H. Smith and W. T. Tate of the Gutta Percha and Rubber Manufacturing Company, Chicago ; Thomas Wilkinson, Dallas, Tex.

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