Volunteer Firefighter Struck by Vehicle While Helping Motorist in Pennsylvania

[script src=”https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/portableplayer/?cmsID=285028881&videoID=4wdLqElbsKcO&origin=nbcphiladelphia.com&sec=news&subsec=local&width=600&height=360″]

A volunteer firefighter was struck early Sunday while trying to assist a motorist on an interstate in Pennsylvania.

According to a report from NBC 10 (http://bit.ly/1s4m1yZ), Daniel Callaway, 31, of Wilmington Manor (DE) Fire Company was heading to the department when he came upon a one car crash around 4:30 a.m.

While helping the driver involved in the crash, Callaway was hit by a different vehicle, according to the report.

Callaway was initially listed as critical but is now in stable condition, the report said.

Read more at http://bit.ly/1s4m1yZ.


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