Volunteer Department Rewarded

Volunteer Department Rewarded

A check in the amount of $350, awarded to the volunteer fire department by the Hartford Mutual Life Insurance Company at the Connecticut State Firemen’s Association convention at Stamford, was presented to Fire Chief Arthur A. Bush and the Department president, Alexander A. Jaffe, of the Easton, Conn., Volunteer Fire Department, on September 10.

The check, first prize in Class Four, of which the Easton Department is a member, namely, those companies which have some financial assistance from their town and at least one or more paid firemen, was won on the basis of fire prevention activities.

In judging the companies the following points were considered: fire protection and prevention; training personnel in firefighting and prevention: improvement in equipment; types of alarm systems; improvement in water supply facilities; availability of volunteers in responding to fire calls; proper maintenance and supervision of equipment and fire house, and correct contest record reports.

The Easton Department won their greatest number of points on their training system and the number of fire drills they have. They were also commended for their merit system which was explained at the convention in Stanford by Mr. Tucker, so that other companies might put it into practice.

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