Volunteers Boast Model Department

Volunteers Boast Model Department

Harris Hill Firemen questioned tradition and decided a white fire engine had advantages over a red one, and a fire headquarters did’nt have to look like a block house.

Harris Hill is a residential community of 200 homes near Buffalo, New York. The organization and development of the Fire Company followed a pattern that can be summed up with a few highlights; organized 1937; members cosigned notes to buy new fire truck; organized fire protection district; selected new fire fighting equipment first, then saved money from parties and picnics to build new $35,000 fire hall.

Firemen claim the white fire truck is more visible at night on the highway and therefore safer than the traditional red color. In selecting fire fighting equipment, Harris Hill acquired many “tools” not found in larger cities. For example, a high pressure Bean fog nozzle is attached, with high pressure hose, to what once was a traditional booster line. From hydrant or tank the Hale 500 G. P. M. centrifugal pump, built for standard use, will develop 400 lbs. nozzle pressure to make fog.

Other equipment includes 3 Elkhart combination fog or stream nozzles; 1,000 feet of hose, half of which is 1½ inch; Scott Air Pack; M. S. A. all-purpose gas masks; salvage, rescue and first-aid equipment.

The new fire headquarters has room for another piece of apparatus (when needed) and recreational facilities for the community. The right wing has a 30 x 36 ft. club room, which is a dining room five days a week for club members. Kitchen, bar and full-time chef provide food, refreshments and a pleasant place for the community to meet their friends and relax.

Twelve Rescued from Hotel Fire Fire fighters performed several heroic rescues at an early morning blaze at the Clark Hotel, Oakland, Cal., on August 14. Here a fireman carries a woman guest to safety from one of the lower floors. The hotel was damaged to the extent of $20,000.Combination Fire Station and Recreational Center of Harris Hill Fire Department

The building was designed to be in keeping with the architecture of the residential community.

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