W. Orange, N. J., Chief to Retire

W. Orange, N. J., Chief to Retire

Chief James J. Sheehan, West Orange, N. J.Flood Light Built by Columbia, S. C. A flood light which is taken to fires by the service truck, has been constructed by M. McCraney, master mechanic of the fire department at Columbia, S. C. It has responded to two large fires and has already Paid for itself. The apparatus is of the trailer type and consists of four 10-inch and two 16-inch floodlights equipped with 1,700 feet of heavy rubber insulated wire in fifty to 250 feet lengths mounted on three reefs. The power is generated with a 110 volt Delco generator; the power of the bulbs varies from 100 to 500 watts, and the generator is capable of handling six lights at one time.

After serving West Orange, N. J., for the past thirty-two years. Chief James J. Sheehan will be placed on the pension list on October 15.

He is sixty-five years old and was one of the first to enroll when the new fire department was organized on March 6, 1894. Chief Sheehan served as assistant driver for six months and then at the suggestion of the mayor, was made head of the department. The man who was active for his appointment as chief is now mayor of the city.

In commenting on the retirement, Commissioner Woodhull said that the town would lose an energetic and faithful servant and that it was with regret that he was compelled to announce the retirement of one who had served the town both efficiently and energetically.

Examinations will he held on October 2 for a new chief, captain and firemen in the town hall.

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