W. Va. Fire School Held at Morgantown

W. Va. Fire School Held at Morgantown

Fred B. Watkins, Fire Marshal of West Virginia, opened the fifth annual Fire College held at the University of West Virginia, Morgantown, July 29-August 1, which was attended by over one hundred firemen. He credited the school with a large part in the steady reduction of the state’s fire losses.

Harry K. Rogers, Engineer, Western Actuarial Bureau, Chicago, explained the treatment of burns with tannic acid, and said that it was the best emergency burn treatment known.

The use of minor equipment was described by Assistant Chief C. T. Donnelly, of Lakewood, Ohio. Frank Krouse, Charleston Fire Department, exhibited an interesting arrangement of fire hazards and protective devices.

Chief Richard L Smith, of Pittsburgh, Pa., attacked the policies of cities which have seen fit to extend depression economy to the fire protection agencies. He said that such economy had wreaked havoc with the fire service.

A talk on the “Water Plant and the Firemen” was given by Prof. Lewis V. Carpenter of the University and Director of the Fire School. Other talks included “Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers.” by Maynard Laswell. Vice-President. CO2 Fire Extinguisher Company, Newark. N. J.

Robert Criswell, Ohio Fire Inspection Bureau, spoke on “Visual Fire Department Inspections.”

At a meeting of the West Virginia Fire Chiefs’ Association held during the school. Gray Marsh of weston was elected President; Ralph Doolittle, Fairmont, Vice-President, and Roy Lister, Nutter’s Fort. Secretary-Treasurer.

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