Wall Paper Makes Intense Fire

Wall Paper Makes Intense Fire

Fifty carloads of wall paper stored in a joisted brick building for the spring trade, developed into a hot fire that gave the Cleveland, Ohio, fire department plenty to do.

Flames were discovered at noon in the sample room on the fourth floor. Seventy men and women were employed there but most of them were out during the luncheon hour. The blaze was discovered by an elevator operator who shouted a warning to the occupants of the various floors. Many were attracted by the sudden red glare and hundreds of stenographers risked damage to fur coats in order to get a closer view of the fire.

About 4 p. m. Chief Wallace noticed that the walls were starting to bulge. He warned all men to get back to a safe distance. Shortly after the warning the walls collapsed.

Three-Alarm Wall Paper Fire in Cleveland

All downtown fire apparatus and some companies from the West side were used to fight the fire, in addition to two fire tugs. Firemen were directed by Chief Wallace and First Assistant Chief James E. Granger.

Fire Threatened to Wipe Out Hillsboro, Ohio Fire which broke out near the Civil War monument in Hillsboro, Ohio, resulted in $500,000 damage and for a time threatened to wipe out the major portion of the municipality. Two blocks or squares of the city were destroyed.

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