Walla Walla Worried

Walla Walla Worried

Three fires, all of them of mysterious origin and all of them costly, have had the police and fire forces of Walla Walla, Wash., worried. All leaves of absence were cancelled by police who doubled their patrols of the city’s industrial area, following the third blaze on October 4th.

The last two were warehouse fires and, according to observers, both these fires seemed to “explode” and spread through the middle of the structures. The most serious, and the third of the three blazes, occurred in the Mojunner & Sons, Inc., produce warehouse, formerly a Northern Pacific Railway freight house. The structure contained a variety of storages, including barrels of weed spray and canned food. The loss in this fire was estimated at $150,000.

Seven pieces of fire apparatus, including trucks from District 4 and the Air Base, fought this blaze, which was reported at 12:40 A.M. Five firemen were injured in the struggle.

On the preceding Friday, Oct. 2nd, 25 volunteer firefighters from District 4. aided by firemen from Walla Walla City Department and the Walla Walla Air Base Department, battled the second major blaze. This involved and leveled the Gradwohl Auction House and destroyed a barn and several nearby small sheds.

Chief Carroll Duff, District 4, said this fire apparently started in the rear of the auction house and was not discovered until the roof started to cave in. The flames, fanned by a high wind consumed the entire building. The efforts of fire forces from District 4 supplemented by a unit from Walla Walla and one from the City-County Airport resulted in the saving of a home and some other exposures.

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