Walnut Creek Designs Own Apparatus

Walnut Creek Designs Own Apparatus

So that they might have a fire apparatus that would best suit local conditions, Walnut Creek, a suburb of Oakland, Cal., has designed its own fire apparatus which was constructed at a cost of $7,000. The apparatus serves an area of over forty square miles and is manned by rural fire-fighters. It carries a large quantity of burlap to smother grass fires, and it also is equipped with rake and shovel outfits.

The apparatus is adapted to the mild California climate but if used in the East, it would be out of service for about five months of the year. It carries two hundred gallons of water and instead of chemical extinguishers, small water extinguishers are provided. The designers of this apparatus reasoned that water is just as effective as chemical streams and that water does not freeze in the Walnut Creek section.

I wo Views of the Walnut Creek, Cal., Designed Apparatus

The pumper received its first baptism of fire at the fire in the Coos Bay lumber plant. Here it pumped salt water from SanFrancisco bay for more than eleven hours. Both Chief Guy Spencer and his men are well pleased with their equipment.

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