Walworth Firemen Re-Elect Dr. Bachelle

Walworth Firemen Re-Elect Dr. Bachelle

Dr. C. V. Bachelle. Chief. Delevan Lake Fire Depart ment, was re-elected President for the fourth time of the Walworth County Fire Officers Association at the annual meeting held at Sharon. Wis. Herman Robb, Sharon, was re-elected Vice-President, and Chief C. A. Foster, Lake Geneva, Secretary-Treasurer. Eighty members were present at the meeting.

Frank C. McAuliffe, Chief, Chicago Fire Insurance Patrols, spoke on the value of organization, and gave general directions as to methods of handling fires. Chief John P. Stahl, Marshal, Third Division, Chicago Fire Department, spoke on the organization of rural fire protection and also

methods of fighting basement fires; V. C. Rutter, Engineer, Wisconsin Rating Bureau, outlined the necessary reiquircments for the different ratings recognized by the Wisconsin bureau and made many valuable recommendations. Capt. Emory Coffin of Engine Company No. 78, the champion company at the Drill School in the Chicago Fire Depart ment. gave a talk on methods of drill of the company, as carried on by his prize winners Capt. Curt E. Jansen, Chief Mechanic, Chicago Patrol, presented instructions and advice as to the care and maintenance of apparatus in the winter. C. F. Isaksou, Chicago Fire Department, Aide to Chief Stahl, gave an interesting account of the methods of sending alarms and special calls, as used in the Chicago Fire Department. Chief Robb and Chief Foster also spoke.

It was one of the most successful meetings of this Association. It was followed by a dinner and smoker.

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