Yesterday afternoon a man from “away out somewhere” came to town and exhibited himself. He had never experienced very much experience, and the little experience he had passed through was considerably injured by a sufficient, but unknown, quantity of whisky. Stopping on the side-walk, and looking at a coil of hose, he exclaimed:

“Well, if that ain’t the longest string of sausage I ever saw, I hope to see myself bilious.”

He went away, swallowed more stuff, to which one of our old friends, Billy Shakespeare, referred when he spoke of a man “taking it into his mouth to steal away his brains,” and came back.

“ I’m inlerested in this sassage, and I’m blind if I don’t take some of it home.”

He took hold of the hose, and was pulling at it violently in an endeavor to break its connection with a plug, when Officer Dillon came up.

‘ ‘ What are you doing ?

“ Hah ! “

“ What are you trying to do ? “

” I’m pickin’ up some of the sassage that’s lying around here so reckless.”

“ Let that hose alone. Go on off. “

” Don’t you allow a man to pick up something when he finds it ? “

” What am I to do ? “

” Move on or I’ll put you in the lock-up.”

“Then I’ll dissolve partnership with this thing. You had mein your lock-up last summer, but you won’t catch me again.”

He went on away, and the last heard of him he was trying to make arrangements at a wagon-yard to sleep with a mule.

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