Wants Routes for Gasoline Trucks

Wants Routes for Gasoline Trucks

Upon the recommendations of Chief Hendrix Palmer, Charlotte, N. C., City Manager J. B. Marshall and City Attorney Basil B. Boyd were instructed by the Council to arrange routes for gasoline transportation trucks that would carry them away from the business district.

Chief Palmer had explained the hazard the trucks create and suggested that they be routed around the city, if possible, rather than through it.

Mr. Marshall explained that he was attempting to get a model ordinance regulating local gasoline distributing trucks, as well as those from out of town.

Chief Palmer for some time has advocated the routing of the gasoline trucks that pass through Charlotte to other destinations, away from the business area. He also has expressed opposition to empty trucks being parked on the streets, contending they were perhaps more dangerous than those laden with gasoline.

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