Ward LaFrance Calls for 1973 Award Nominations

Ward LaFrance Calls for 1973 Award Nominations

Fire Engineering readers can help single out those firemen who have gone beyond the call of duty, acting heroically without regard for personal safety—and bringing distinction to their units, their communities, their families and themselves.

The nominees you submit will be screened and selected by a distinguished panel of judges. The awards, which will again this year carry cash values totaling $5,000, will be presented in the fall.

For official nominating forms, write Ward LaFrance Fire Industry Awards, Box 1973, Elmira Heights, N.Y. 14903. In order to qualify, the act of heroism must have been performed between January 1, 1972 and December 31, 1972. Deadline for submitting nominees is July 30, 1973.

Last year’s grand awards were granted to Captain John T. Dunne (posthumous), Ladder Company 175, New York Fire Department; Captain David T. Darby, Oklahoma City; Luther P. Ludolf, Birmingham, Ala.; Joseph Payton Jenkins (posthumous), Salisbury, N.C,; and Assistant Chiefs Roy McCarty and David Voiles, Fayetteville, N.Y., Volunteer Fire Department.

Awards of honor were given to 18 other fire fighters in various sections of the country.

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