Warehouse Fire at Birmingham

Warehouse Fire at Birmingham

The large wholesale grocery store of G. W. Hopson & Sons, Birmingham, Ala., was destroyed. The loss is estimated at $60,000 including building and stock. For three hours the flames raged, fanned by a strong southeasterly gale. The fire

spread through the building rapidly, and soon the aroma of burning coffee, toasted potatoes, frying meats and the like pervaded the whole atmosphere, while at the same time the firemen were fighting one of the most stubborn fires in years. It is thought the fire originated from matches, as there were thousands of boxes packed near the office, where the fire was first discovered. Chief Bennett and his men managed to confine the fire to the building in which it originated.


There were roast pigeons galore, but not in profitable or acceptable shape, when $2,500 worth of birds were burned in the fire that destroyed Cook’s pigeonry at Franklin, Conn.

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