Warning Device To Check False Alarms

Warning Device To Check False Alarms

A device that sounds a loud warning signal, simultaneously with the “pulling of the hook,” and can be conveniently mounted upon the peaks of the existing municipal fire alarm boxes, is a recent contribution to the war on false alarms.

This little device with a raucous voice, not easily confused with automobile horns or other street noises, is known as the Arrestolarm and is a product of the Game well Company. Newton. Mass. It is mechanically operated and will sound a signal of a minute’s duration. A convenient winding handle is provided for the use of the fire department member who is charged with the rewinding of fire alarm boxes after each alarm.

The Arrestolarm is a small but powerful mechanism and the howler is mounted in a trim red finished metallic case, encircled by a stainless steel band which provides a sturdy mounting base as well as an attractive decorative effect. An opening in the front end of the unit accommodates the winding key. When not in use, a circular weather guard hangs in position over this opening. Underneath the other end. there is a louver to emit the sound vibrations. Running from the device itself at the top of the fire alarm box is a flexible steel shaft which connects with the pull-lever of the box signal movement. When the box is operated, the pulling down on the lever pushes upward the steel wire inside the flexible shaft so that it trips the mechanism of the Arrestolarm.

Device for Sounding a Loud Warning Signal, Mounted on Fire Alarm Box The left view shows new Arrestolarm mounted on top of the latest Gamewell Quick Action Door Box. Upon the tripping of the fire alarm mechanism as a result of the pull handle being operated, the unit simultanously sounds a loud warning of one minute's duration to attract the attention of nearby police, passersby, or local residents.view shows the fire alarm box with outer door open, so as to show the Arrestolarm tripping device which is mounted directly below the pull lever of the box mechanism, shown in the center of the white movement case. Operation of this pull lever pushes steel shaft inside of flexible cable connected to Arrestolarm unit through the top of the fire alarm box. This causes the release of the howler.

It is not expected that this device will completely eliminate false alarms, but it is felt that it will tend to reduce tinnumber from the most troublesome false alarm spots by attracting the attention of police, passersby, or local residents to the box in time to observe the culprit. The standard fits all modern boxes having the quick action or Cole Keyguard types of doors. As a special unit, the Arrestolarm can he adapted to any existing municipal fire alarm boxes.

Wareham, Mass., fire district plans the purchase of new fire apparatus and an extension of the water system.

Fall River, Mass., plans to spend $9,500 for purchase of a new motor pumping engine and $1,200 for a chief’s car.

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