Warns Against Lighted Candles on Xmas Trees

Warns Against Lighted Candles on Xmas Trees

In a circular issued by the state fire marshal of Indiana a warning is given against the use of lighted candles on the Christmas tree. If these dangerous auxiliaries must be used, the fire marshal urges that the tree never be lef_____ unguarded while they are alight. The circular says in part:

“On the Christmas tree the burning candle is especially dangerous. The twigs of the commonly used evergreen tree are full of rosin. The festoons of dry leaves, tissue paper, lace, etc., the paper bells, painted wood toys, and sometimes articles of celluloid, make the trimmed and decorated tree a veritable giant torch. The candles are often feebly attached to frail branches and when they are lighted the slightest draft from an open door or the swaying of the tree may start a fire. A spark falling on the cotton representing snowmay send the whole thing up in a puff. Never leave the tree unwatched when it is lighted.

“A Christmas tree may be decorated beautifully and much more safely if the cheap, bright tinsels, artificial evergreens, and Japanese tissue paper, none of which will burn, are used instead of the ordinary paper and leaf festoons and ornaments. Electrically lighted ornaments and candles are a good investment for they eliminate the fire danger and last for years.

“Candles used on trees and in ceremonies at festivals and parties are to be guarded against even more than in the home, for the danger of panic and injury is heightened in public meetings. Fluffy bobbed hair or long curls should be kept out of the way of candle flame. Last year two near-tragedies of this character were reported to the fire marshal’s office. In both cases girls carrying lighted candles in a Christmas procession set fire to their own bobbed hair. They were saved by spectators.”

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