Warren, Pa., to Have New Reservoir

Warren, Pa., to Have New Reservoir

Work is well along, according to J. J. Mitchell, superintendent of the Warren, Pa., Water Company, on a new reservoir which is, when completed, to have a capacity of 6,000,000 gals, and to cost $30,000 and $36,000. The dam for the reservoir is practically completed.

The new reservoir is approximately 500 feet long, and 300 feet wide. At the present time, it is shallow, but next spring it is planned to excavate the basin, so that the average depth will be six feet, and not over twenty feet at the deepest point.

Plans call for the completion next spring, of the sodding of the banks, the planting of shade trees around the edge of the lake that has been formed, and the general beautifying of the project.

With the new reservoir completed, Mr. Mitchell stated that the present pumping capacity of the Warren Water Company’s plant would be 7,000,000 gallons in 24 hours. The present pumping plant will doubtless take care of the city for many years. The average amount of water pumped at present is 1,500,000 gallons in 24 hours.

A ten-inch cast iron pipe main has been laid from the new reservoir to the pumping plant at Gladerun. to carry the water from the reservoir. The old Morrison Run reservoir, which was located a short distance below the new one, has been torn out, and the material used in that dam was used in the construction of the new reinforced concrete dam, further up the stream.

When asked concerning the matter of fishing in the lake formed by the dam, Mr. Mitchell said that the company had no objections to fishing, but it would object strenuously to any bathing and any person caught bathing in the reservoir would be dealt with very severely.

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