Watch Your Step!

Watch Your Step!

OUR office photographer is on your trail and sooner or later, your smiling countenance is pretty sure to appear in these pages.

  • Better be careful and not let him catch you with the goods on—whether they be wet or dry!
  • From Vermont to Virginia

  • The recent convention of the N. E. W. W. A. at Burlington, Vermont, furnished some splendid subjects for photographic reproduction, as you have seen; and it won’t be long now before the meeting of the International Association of Fire Engineers, at Richmond, Virginia, will supply further material for the photographers’ art.
  • Don’t be bashful,—gentlemen, and ladies, too,—your friends are always glad to see you, and they know that FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING is the place to look.
  • As a matter of fact, don’t you find that this personal element, this getting away from the cold cut-and-dried type of magazine and injecting into it as much as possible of the milk of human kindness, and human interest, and personality, is one of the reasons for the constantly growing popularity of this little magazine?
  • We are always mighty glad to hear your views, whether you agree with us or not, and perhaps you will have some good suggestions to offer. What do you say?

Watch Your Step!


Watch Your Step!

TIME was when the recognized function of the trade and technical press wgs to publish free write-ups, or “puffs,” as they were called, for the various manufacturers in the field. Legitimate news items were lost in the maize of illegitimate “write-ups.”

A F w Sick-Sisters Left

The modern business paper fortunately has gotten away from this evil, and except in the case of the very few backsliders, the sicksisters of the business paper world who still countenance old-fashioned methods, you will find that practically one hundred per cent, of what you read has real news or educational value.

Free Publicity

In a recent address to the American Association of Advertising Agencies (The A. A. A. A.), of which he is President, Mr. John Benson said:

“Free publicity is an evil which everybody admits should be stopped. It undermines the editorial and therefore the advertising influence of the press. People lose confidence in a paper which prints items inspired by an advertiser, unless such items have a distinct news value. To influence the printing of such items by advertising patronage undermines editorial self respect. It is an undertaking to which no agent can properly lend his support.”

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING is proud of the standard maintained in its editorial columns. What you read here is news, not press agent stuff. The occasional reference to manufacturers is published because of its news value, and we keep constantly in mind the thought that our readers are interested in everything that is of concern to our chosen field fire protection and water supply.

Can you help us with your contributions and suggestions to serve the field still more effectively?