Water Bibs Opened.

Water Bibs Opened.

Wellston, Okla.—Contract has been awarded to Z. W. Smith & Son, of Oklahoma City, Okla., for construction of waterworks.

Sioux City. Ia.—Contract for furnishing and erecting a 3,000,000 gallon pumping engine has been awarded to the Snow Steam Pump Works, of Buffalo, N. Y., at $11,895.

Dubuque, Ia.—Contract has been awarded to Key City Iron Works, of Dubuque, for installation of machinery in new wells.

St. Louis. Co.—The A. P. Smith Mfg. Co., of East Orange, N. J.. have been awarded contract supplying the St. Louis water department with 1,350 non-freezing fire hydrants at their bid of $35,000.

Macon, Ga.—Bids were received from the following companies for furnishing 160 hydrants and 190 valves : Crane & Company. Atlanta ; R.D. Wood & Company. Philadelphia; Rensselaer Manufacturing Company, Chapman Valve Company, Birmingham; Pratt St Cody; Cooley & pany. Contract was awarded to the Columbian Iron Works at their bid of $7,347.

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