Water Bids Opened.

Water Bids Opened.

Erie, Pa.—Bids for standpipe were opened by the board of water commissioners as follows: On basis of 4-year payment: Chicago Bridge & Iron Works. $10,275: Tippett & Wood, 9,998 cash; Chicago Bridge & Iron Works, cash, $9,925; Meeham Boiler & Construction Co., Lowellville, O., $11,955 cash; $12,300 time; Reeves Bros. Co., Alliance, O., 10,200 cash. $11,700 time: Sharon Boiler Works, Sharon, Pa.. $11,254 and $14,618: Kennicott Co., New York. $11,070 and ; 11,300; R. Monroe & Sons Manufacturing Co.. Pittsburgh, $11,540; Petroleum Iron Works, Sharon, Pa., $10,750 and ; 12.000; Des Moines Bridge & Iron YVorks, $10,800 and $11,490 and the T. A. Gillespie Co., Pittsburgh, Pa., ; 15,500 and $17,430. Contract was awarded the Chicago Bridge & Iron Works at $10,275.

Minneapolis, Minn.—Bids for valves were received and contracts awarded as follows: Roe-Stephens Mfg. Co., Detroit, ten 16 inch $60.50 each; J. B. Clow & Son, Chicago, one 30-inch ;255; one 18-inoh $495 and two 48-inch at $695 each.

Waterville, Kan.—Contract for waterworks and electric light systems has been awarded the Des Moines Bridge & Iron Co. of Des Moines, Ia., at $27,976.

Chicago, I11.—Contract for 3 pumping engines for Lake View station were awarded to the Nordberg Manufacturing Co. of Milwaukee at $274,200.

Wilmington, Del.— Bids for pumps and turbine wheels were opened as follows: Birdshoro Steel Foundry & Machine Co., Birdsboro. Pa., ; 11,000 for 4.000,088-gal. triplex pump, and $6,550 for 2,000.000-gal. pump; Risdon Alcott Turbine Co.. Mt. Holly, N. J., $3,30 for 80,000,008-gal. daily discharge wheel to be erected on foundations supplied by the city, and $3,000 for the 40,000.999-gal. well. Other bidders for the wheel were: Camden Water Well Works, Camden, N. J., 3,864 and $2,983 respectively; S. Morgan Smith Co., Holyoke, Mass., $4.500 and $3,700.


Lynn, Mass.—The Standard Construction Iron Pipe and Foundry Company was awarded contract for 16,600 feet of 4 to 16-inch dia cast iron pipe at $21.70 per ton and for special castings at 2 3-10 cents per lb.

San Francisco, Cal.—Contract for two additional filters in the pumping station at the Presidio, was awarded to C. F. Braun & Co., of San Francisco, as follows: For two wooden filters, 6,180; for Red W ing sand, $1,400, and for pipe outside of building, $8,770.

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