Water Bids Opened

Water Bids Opened

La. Crosse, Wis.—contract for water works material have been awarded as follows: Cast iron pipe, W. S. Cast Iron Pipe and Foundry Company, Chicago, at $43,000; hydrants and valves, R. D. Wood & Company, Philadelphia, Pa., $2,827; cast iron specials, B. Ott & Sons. La Crosse, $1,500.

Los Angeles, Cal.—Bids for furnishing steel and rivets for Franklin pipe line have been opened by public service commission, rs as follows: Schedule “A,” East Jersey Pipe Company, Paterson, N. J., $435,555; lock bar. $423,675. Treadwell Construction Company, from $297,000 on 400 days’ delivery to $347,000 on 300 days’ delivery Carl Porter Boiler Company, Wellsville, O., $357,000. R. D. Wood & Company, Camden, N. J., $399,000. Schedule “B,” Treadwell Company, $650,000 (800 days’ delivery). James McNeil & Brother Company, Pittsburgh, $626,000. Carl Porter Company, $630,000. Riter-Conley Company, $670,000.

Port Arthur, Tex.—Contracts for furnishing material for the extension of water works system have been awarded as follows: Valves arid hydrants, Rensselaer Valve Company, Troy, N. Y., $2,000; pipe, United States Steel Company, $11,000.

San Francisco, Cal.—Contract has been awarded to the Ross Valve Company, of Troy, N. Y., for 50 operating and regulating valves for high pressure system.

Ottawa, Out The Nicholas Chemical Company, of Montreal, has been awarded contract for 300 tons of hypochlorite of lime, at $25.60 per ton.

Lancaster, Ky. City council has awarded contracts for the improvement of water works system as follows: Tank, Chicago Bridge and Iron Works, of Chicago, at $5,110; filter, Greer Filter Company, of Pittsburgh, Pa., at $2,250; addition to dam, J. A. Moynahan, of Richmond, Ky., $3,000.

Appleton, Wis.—The Jewell Water Improvement Company, of Chicago, has been awarded contract for new filtration plant at $49,809.

Muscatine, la.—Contract for a 200,000 gallon tank and tower has been awarded to the Des Moines Bridge and Iron Company.

Greenwood. Miss.—Light and water commission has awarded contract to M. Lacked & Company, of New Orleans, for a new 3,000,000 gallon pumping engine at $7,500.

Dayton, O.—The Buffalo Meter Company has been awarded contract for furnishing meters as follows: 1,500 five-eighths-inch, at $5.60; 100 three-quarter-inch, at $8.40, and 50 1-inch, at $11.20.

Water Bids Opened


Water Bids Opened

Newark, N. J.—Lids were received by the City of Newark for tile supply of cast-iron water pipe and specials as follows: United States Cast Iron Pipe & Foundry Co., $50,004.36 for low-pressure pipe, $32,365.60 for high-pressure pipe; Standard Cast Iron Pipe & Foundry Co., $50,427.55, $34.194.40; Warren Foundry & Machine Co., $53,387.30, $33,793.50; R. D. Wood & Co., $55,338.10, $37,903, and John Fox & Co., $50,587.25.

Washington, D. C.—Bids for furnishing two oil engines for water works purposes were opened by purchasing officer M. C. Hargrave on October 23, as follows: Fairbanks, Morse & Company, New York, $.3,100. De la Vergne Machine Company, New York, $4,008 and $4,000. National Electrical Supply Company, Washington, $6,355. Covington Machine Company, New York. $4,400. Foos Gas lingine Company, New York, $2,830 and $2,630.