Quincy, Ill.—A $130,000 bond issue for water works has been voted.

Dubois, Idaho.—Dubois Light & Power Co. has filed an application for constructing a water system.

Greenville, O.—Council plans to enlarge water plant.

Helena, Mont.—The Parrot Water Co. has been established, with $8,000 capital.

St. Augustine, Fla.—Consulting Engineer Seabury G. Pollard, of Cincinnati, O., has suggested the construction of a softening plant, to cost $22,500.

Lake Charles. Ia.—Engineers Burns & McDonnell, of Kansas City, have completed plans for water works improvements, to consist of a new pumping plant and 15 miles of mains. Estimated cost, $150,000.

Normal, Ill.—Light and Water Committee of Council has completed plans for rebuilding water plant.

Geneseo. Kan.—Engineer E. B. Rollins, of Kansas City, has reported favorably on the procuring of water from springs.

Earl Park. Ind.—Earl Park Water Co. hat been established, with $20,00 capital, to install and operate a water works system.

Aurelia, Ia.—Rids will be received in the near future for drilling a deep well,

Youngstown, O.—East Side Improvement Club is agitating for etiher the strengthening of the distributing system or the erection of a standpipe at that section.

Hartford City, Ind.—Sunt. I. H. Waters hasasked that Council purchase 25 flinch meters at once.

Lynn. Mass.—All new services will he metered.

Barry, Ill.—Press reports state that citizens are agitating the construction of water works.

Sioux City, Ia.—It is planned to spend $100,000 on water improvements this summer, press reports state.

Pocatello, Ida.—City plans construction of water works system, to cost about $400,000.

Whitefish Bay, Wit.—Village plana the installation of water system. Chief Engineer Edward F. Leidel has drawn plans.

Mt. Penn, Pa.—Council has decided to ask that Mt. Penn Water Co. furnish consumers with meters.

Menominee, Mich.—State Board of Health Inspector Rich has declared it more advisable to erect a filtration plant than to use well water supply system.

Oldham, S. D.—A petition is being circulated asking the Town Board to take steps to install a water works system.

Attica, N. V.—Town is considering either the purchase of the local plant or the installation of a new system.

McKinley, Minn.—Town plans expenditure of $40,000 on water system improvements. C. A. Kimball, Engineer.

Clinton, Okla—On May 29 citizens will vote on a $150,000 bond issue for water system.

Jackson, Ky.—A company with $25,000 capital has secured a franchise to operate a waer works system. Dr. J. S. Redwine, Lewis Hays, R. I. Kerr and others, stockholders.

Ringtown, Pa.—Council has decided to purchase pipe.

Savannah, Ga.—City plans to construct a reservoir, rebuild conduits, drill new cte., at a cost of about $70,000. Mr. Conant, Chief Engineer.

Hinsdale, Mont.—Installation of water system is planned. Address City Clerk.

Red Creek, N. Y.—Citizens have voted the expenditure of $30,000 for water sytem. Contract will soon be let.

Overton, Neb.—A bond issue for water works has been voted.

Hampton, la.—Erection of 100,000-gallon elevated steel tank and drilling of one or more wells is planned.

Perry, Kan.—Citizens will vote on $9,500 bond issue for water works, to include’ well, tank, mains and tower.

Zanesville, O.—Engineer Moth, of the W. J. Sherman Co., of Toledo, O., is completing plans for water works.

Winterset, la.—A $10,000 bond issue for water works has been voted.

Lincoln, Neb.—Plans have been completed for laying part of the 40,000 feet of main city intends laying during 1910.

Washington, D_. C—An American consular officer in Nicaragua writes that a firm in his district wants prices on valves, pipe and fittings, etc. Write Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, File No. 20866.

Staplehurst, Neb.—Village is considering installation of water works.

New Castle, Pa.—Water company plans laying of new 20-inch main. J. H. Simpson, Supt.

Canton, O.—City is considering purchase of a $5,000 pump.

Blackwell, Okla.—$32,000 worth of bonds have been sold for water works extensions and contract will be let this month. _ Benham Engineering Co., Oklahoma City, Consulting Engineers; Clyde V. Butcher, Village Clerk.

Lima. O.—Council has passed ordinance to raise $15,000 for main extensions.

St. Oeorge, S. C.—A $15,000 bond issue for water works has been disposed of.

8havertown, N. Y.—Henry Williams, of Downsville, N. Y., has surveyed for proposed water system.

Oklahoma City, Okla.—Citizens will soon vote on construction of water system, to cost $1,000,000 Guy V. McClure. 6ty Engineer; C F. Semmelbeck, Clerk.

Miller, Neb.—Citizens have voted a $10,000 bond issue for water works.

Poughkeepsie, N. Y.—Taxpayers will vote on May 25 on a $240,000 bond issue for main extensions.

Rockaway, N. J.—Borough plans extensions to water system.

Doland, 8. D.—Council plans construction of a 50,000-gallon steel tank.

Minneapolis, Minn.—City plans construction of an additional filtration plant, a water softening plant to cost $1,000,000; also the purchase of an electric pump.

Bicknrll, Ind.—A franchise has been granted to George Harrop, of South Bend, to install and operate an $80,000 water works system.

Sandusky, O.—City Manager Ward has recommended several main extensions.

Kendall, Okla.—Citizens recently voted on a proposition to issue $30,000 in bonds water works and sewerage systems.

McKinley. Minn.—Engineer C. A. Kimball has prepared plans for a new water works system. Plans include a 100,000gallon elevated tank and 6,000 feet of mains.

Waterloo, la.—Council has approved plans for an emergency intake. John Berry, Supt.

Glenmora, La.—A water works system may be installed here in the near future.

Blairstown, la.—An ordinance has been passed here authorizing a $15,000 bond issue for the installation of a water works sytem.

East Chicago, Ind.—Public Service Commission has ordered the East Chicago and Indiana Harbor Water Co. to install a filtration plant. Plans must be submitted to the Commission by July 1.

Waukegan, Ill.—City Engineer M. J. Douthitt is working out a plan to meter all services. Of the 3,400 consumers, 700 have meters. Commissioner Orvis may be addressed.

Sheridan, Wyo.—An engineer has been engaged to prepare plans for a water works system. Estimated cost, $20,000.

Clinton, Okla.—On May 29 citizens will vote on bond issue of $150,000 for a new water supply.

Red Creek, N. Y.—Citizens have voted to install a water works system, at a cost of $30,000.


Fort Madison, la.—Bids will be received until 3 p. m., May 17, for the construction of a 1,000,000-gallon concrete reservoir. Burns & McDonnell, Kansas City, Mo., Engineers. _

Everett, Wash.—City will receive bids until June 5 for water works improvements, to consist of 28 miles flow line, two river crossings, rock fill dam, etc. Estimated cost, $600,000. Burns & McDonnell, Engineers.

Ft. Dodge, la.—Rids will be received until May 24 for the construction of a hydro-electric plant and concrete dam across the Des Moines River. The structure is to be 350 feet long and 20 feet high. Burns & McDonnell, Engineers.

Aberdeen, Wash.—City Clerk P. T. Clark will receive bids until 5 p. m., May 31, for the construction of 22 miles of 28inch continuous stave wood pipe line, etc. Louis D. Kelsey. City Engineer.

Wakeena, Kan.—City Clerk J. H. Heckman will receive bids until May 22 for water works extensions, to include motor-driven triplex pump, complete with motor and oil engine.

Wooster, O.—Director of Public Service Bloomberg will receive bids until noon, May 22, for laying 2,650 feet of _ 16inen and 1,725 feet of 12-inch cast-iron main, and for taking up 1,890 feet of 6-incn and 230 feet of 4-inch cast-iron mains.

Chisholm, Minn.—Bids will be received until May 20 for furnishing one centrifugal pump and electric motor, capacity of 700 gallons per minute, and one of 800 gallons per minute. Check for 5 per cent, required. C. J. Sullivan, Superintendent.

Newark, N. J.—Board of Street and Water Commissioners will receive bids until May 23 for furnishing a meter-testing apparatus for meters from 3 to 12 inches In diameter. Morris R. Shcrrerd, Chief Engineer of Board.

Perry, N. Y.—Board of Village Trustees will receive bids until May 27 for slow sand filter, reservoir and appurtenances. O. N. Bolton, Village Clerk.

Panama—Major Earl I. Brown, U. S. Engineers Corps, Panama Canal Purchasing Officer, Washington, D. C., will receive bids until May 26, for furnishing, under Circular 1039, wrought-iron and steel pipe, meters, etc.

Grand Junction, Colo.—U. S. Reclamation Service will receive bids until May 23, for the construction of approximately 3,950 feet of 60-inch continuous wood stave pipe line for Grand Valley project, Colorado, No. 3,147.

Commerce, Okla.—City Trustees will receive bids until 5 p. m., May 17, for construction of water works, to include the following: 1,410 feet of S-inch, 980 feet of 6-incn, 10,750 feet of 4-inch castiron Class B pipe, and 9,440 lin. ft. of 2inch wrought-iron pipe; also one well and casing; tank foundations, a 100,000gallon reinforced concrete reservoir, power house building, air lift machinery complete with compressor, pumps, motors, etc., and two 250-gallon per minute duplex power pumps, complete with motors. Benham Engineering Co., Oklahoma City, Consulting Engineers.

Morris, Minn.—Citv Commission will receive bids until May 31 for furnishing cast-iron pipe and specials. S. A. Siverts, Jr., City Manager.

Castle Rock, Colo.—Town Clerk_ H. J. Johnon will receive bids until 7:30 p. m., June 1, for constructing a water works. Geo. H. Sethman, Equitable Bldg., Denver, Colo., Engineer.

El Paso, Tex.—Depot Quartermaster will receive bids until 11 a. m., June 3, for installing electrically-operated equipment in pumping plant at Fort Bliss, Tex.

North Yakima, Wash.—Department of Interior, U. S. Reclamation Service, will receive bids until 2 p. m., May 20, for laying about 5,910 feet of 40-inch and 3,230 feet of 30-inch continuous wood stave pipe near Grandview, Wash. R. K. Tiffany, Project Manager.

Columbus, O.—Secretary Board of Purchase Louis J. Guthke will receive bids until noon, May 23, for installing steel lining for soda tank at water purification plant. Jerry O’Shaughnessy, Supt.

St. Louis, Mo.—Win. T. Findly, Secretary Board of Public Service, will receive bids until noon. May 19, for furnishing 26,900 feet of lockbar steel-coated pipe or riveted steel-coated pipe. Bids will also be received for hauling, excavating and laying 26,900 feet of 38-inch main.


Virginia, Minn.—Lawrence-McCann Co. has been awarded a contract for laying 7,000 feet of main and for 5,000 yards of excavating.

Mankato, Minn.—J. B. Nelson & Co. has been awarded a contract for constructing a reservoir, at $19,473.

Mt. Horeb, Wis.—The United States Cast Iron Pipe & Foundry Co. was. awarded a contract on May o for furnishing 9, 163 feet of 4and 6-inch pipe, at $4, 650.37. The Lynchburg Foundry Co and the American Cast Iron Pipe Co also submitted bids. Contract for lay ing mains was awarded to C. H. Phil lips, of Waupaca, wis., at $3,116.15 The Rensselaer Valve Co., of Troy, .N Y., was awarded a contract for furnish ing 14 hydrants, 6 valves and 6 boxes, the hydrants to cost $28.25 each.

Norfolk, Neb.—Norfolk Bridge & Construction Co. has been awarded a contract for the extension of water works.

Harlowton, Mont.—All bids have been rejected for water system, which included mains, pump, station, hydrants, gates, etc. S. K. Campbell, Town Clerk.

Peekskill, N. Y.—Board of Water Commissioners has awarded a contract to John Smith, Jr., for laying mains to Welcher Park, at $2,965.60. Other bids were: Croton Contracting Co., $2,994.40; Benkart & Russo, $3,015.70; D. D. Donovan, $3,132.80; W. J. Donovan, $336.00; Patsy Repole, $3,423.90; H. B. Sproiil Contracting Co., $3,973.41, and Peekskill Construction Co., $4,750.50.

Dover, O.—Bids were opened May 10 for water works extensions, and a contract was awarded to the Massillon Iron & Steel Co., of Massillon, O., for furnishing pipe and specials, while the Ludlow Valve Mfg. Co., of Troy, N. Y., was awarded a contract for furnishing valves and valve boxes.

Sturgeon Bay. Wis.—F. B. Wilson, of Green Bay, VVis., has been awarded a contract for sinking a 900-ft. well, at about $3,000.


(Figures represent loss in thousands)

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