Geneva. N. Y..—Appropriation of $20,000 made for an additional unit for filter plant.

Milbank, S. D..—City will be ready about May 1 for equipment for filtration plant.

Scottsbluff, Neb..—City has voted bond issue for extension of water works.

Victoria, B. C..—Government is to build water main from Looke Lake main to William Heald Quarantine Station, to supply station with water.

Trail, B. C..—Plans are being prepared for improvements on water works.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ont..—Water supply is being investigated.

Sunnyvale, Cal..—Bonds are to be issued for water improvements.

Tacoma, Wash..—F. C. Ross has petitioned for franchise for water mains.

Cheney, Wash..—Citizens urge improvements to water system.

Massena, la..—City plans a water system, to cost $15,000.

Caney, Kan..—City is preparing plans for water improvements.

McCracken, Kan..—City is to vote on bond issue for water improvements.

Plainville, Kan..—City plans a water sys-

Roman, Mont..—City is planning a water system.

Ozark, Mo..—City plans a water works sys-

Franklin, Tex..—A water system is being planned.

Dell Rapids, S. D..—Bond issue of $8,000 has been sold.

Fairmont, Minn..—Water company is to erect building in the early spring.

Verdee, Okla..—City plans water system.

Blackfoot, Ida..—Town will purchase and improve private water system.

Murray, Ky..—City is to issue bonds for water improvements.

Centralia, Pa..—Wyoming Valley Water Supply Co. is making plans for a dam.

Abingdon, Va..—Abingdon Water Co. has been incorporated with a capital of $100,000.

Fayetteville, Ark..—Plans are under way for the installation of a purification plant for the city water system.

Ossian, la..—Bonds have been issued for extension of water mains.

Albuquerque, N. M..—City may purchase water company.

Havelock, la..—City is to have a water system.

Colorado Springs, Colo..—City is to spend $50,000 on water system.

Southmore, Tex..—Citizens. are favoring a better water supply.

Markle, Ind..—An organized agitation for a water works system has been made.

Knoxville, Tenn..—Water bonds have been issued.

Plymouth, Wis..—Water works sjstcm is to be improved.

Aberdeen, Wash..—The Wishkah water project is about to lay mains.

Canton, O..—City may purchase meters to the value of several thousand dollars.

Bristol, Tenn..—This city, reports state, has not an adequate water supply.

Philadelphia, Pa..—Chief Davis, of Water Bureau, declares that a portion of the city is at the mercy of a fire on account of the condition of the water mains.

Williamstown, W. Va..—This town may install a municipal water plant.

Lewiston. N. Y..—The water supply system is ready for the installation of machinery.

Lima, O..—Work on the new reservoir will start this month.

Beaumont, Tex..—The South Park School District is to sink deep wells to 6olve the water problem.

Philadelphia, Pa..—Chamber of Commerce advocates a loan of $3,000,000 for increasing water supply.

Bellefontaine, O..—City is considering a bond cl $82,000 for water irnproveTerrell, Tex..—City plans a reservoir.

Akron. O..—Reservoir is to he constructed in the Tuscararas River Valley.

Beshler, O..—Bids will be called for in the spring for reservoir, wells and stand pipe.

Cambridge, O..—Bonds are to be sold to construct water works.

Marietta. O—-City Council has conferred with the State Board of Health in regard to plans for new reservoir.

Verden. Okla.—City is considering the installation of a new water supply.

Astoria, Ore..—Water mains are to be installed in the upper town district.

Altoona, Pa..—The city plans a pumping station at Lake Altoona.

Chester, Pa..—Chester Water Co. is making plans for a water system, including reservoir.

Elwood City, Pa..—City is making plans for a concrete reservoir.

Charleston, S. C..—Citizens have asked City Council for an election to see whether the city shall purchase the property of the Charleston Light & Water Co.

Watertown, Conn..—Citizens have approved bond issue for water improve-

Plymouth, Wis..—The Water and Light Board of the city is planning extensions and improvements, to cost about $0,000.

Vancouver, Wash..—North Coast Power Co. has been given right to meter all water services and is to install 150 meters per month. They arc to make improvements, including a new pipe line from the springs at Ellsworth, construction of an elevated reservoir on a tower, and various main extensions.

Seattle, Wash.-—Citv Council has ordered construction of additional water mains.

Hurricane, Utah..—Citizens are to vote on issue of $20,000 bonds.

San Angelo. Tex..—An application has been made by the San Angelo Water. Light & Power Co. to construct a dam across the Concho River for impounding 80,000 acre feet of water annually. The dam is to cost $12,000.

San Antonio, Tex..—Bids will soon be received for water improvements.

Franklin, Tex..— New water mains are to be constructed in the near future.

Atlanta, Ga..—City intends to spend $200,000 for new pumps at river station, filtration basins, and enlargement of intake pipes.

Swainsboro. Ga..—City is to vote Jan. 10 on $50,000 bond issue.

Natchez. Miss..—City intends building a pumping station.

Sistcrsville, W. Va..—City plans to issue $30,000 bonds for filtration system.

Norfolk, Va..—The Mt. Vernon Water Co. has been chartered, with C. B. Smith, president; J. P. M. Joyce, secretarytreasurer.

Lockney. Tex..—City has retained II. E. Elrod as city engineer for water works system.

Springfield, Tenn..—Citv is to vote Jan. 0 on the issue of $36,000 bonds, to extend water works.

Mt. Vernon, O.—Meters are to be installed.

Washington, D. C.—Consular report No. 22249 informs the Bureau of C ommerce and Labor that the authorities of a city in South America have expressed a desire to receive catalogues of pumps for cleaning out wells, and of machinery for digging, working, and otherwise obtaining water for stock and family use from artesian wells. Correspondence in Spanish.

Danville. Pa.—Chester & Fleming, hydraulic engineers, Pittsburgh, Pa., are preparing plans and estimates for a reservoir, to be installed for the municipal water supply, in the near future.

Franklin, Tex.—The City Council is to consider the laying of water mains.

San Antonio, Tex.—Bids, will be received by the city within a short time for water works improvements.

Dover, N.—The Board of Water Commissioners has engaged Frederick V. Pitney to make an investigation of the watershed along Compton’s Brook, with a view of using the water as an additional supply for Dover.

Elko, Nev.—The city has engaged Louis C. Kelsey, of Portland, Ore., to prepare plans for water works, to cost about $200,000.

Ronan, Mont.—Plans are being made for constructing 4 miles of pipe line from intake on Crow Creek to town.

Cameron, Mo.—Plans are being made by the city for extension of water mains.

Duluth, Minn.—City Council has ordered extension of water mains in different parts of the city.

Vinton, La.—Town is considering water works, to cost $25,000.

Independence, Ia.—City will receive bids this month for water improvements.

Markle, lnd.—Water system will probably be installed by City Council.

Kokomo, Ind.—City plans to issue bonds for $420,000, to make water improvements.

Peru, Ill.—The City Council has appointed a committee of engineers to plan for water works improvements.

Swainsboro, Ga.—City is to issue $50,000 bonds for water and sewer system.

Tampa, Fla.—Mayor McKay has renewed the movement for purchase of the water works of the Tampa Water Works Co.

Newark, Del.—The City Council has engaged Kastenhuber & Anderson, Engineers, of Easton, Md., to prepare plans for water works improvements.

Washington, D. C.—Consular report from Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, Department of Commerce, Opportunity No. 23329: A dealer in Spam desires to purchase water pumps. Prices should be based on c.i.f. Spanish port. Correspondence in Spanish or French. References.


Gibson City, Ill.—Bids will be received until April 1 for the construction of a water system.

Park Ridge. Ill.—Bids will be received until Jnauary 11 for construction of water mains.

Webster City, Ia.—Bids will be received until January 8 for water and light plant

Independence, La.—Bids will be received until January 9 for water system equipment.

Benson, Minn.—Bids will be received until January 2 for laying water mains.

Park Ridge, Ill.—Bids will be received until January 11 for water mains.

Oak Park, Ill.—Bids will be received in February for water pipes.

Newark, Ohio.—Bids will be received until January 3 for purchase of one 200h.p. water tube boiler, three horizontal return tubular boilers.

St. Paul, Minn.—Bids will be received until February 5 for reinforced reservoir cover.

New York City. N. Y.—Bids will be received until Jan. 5 for furnishing and laying water mains; furnishing copper and corporation cocks.

Columbus, O.—Bids will be received until January 4 for driving wells and furnishing boiler for water supply.

Washington, D. C.—Bids will be received at the Office of the Commissioners of District of Columbia, Washington, D. C., until January 4, 1917, for furnishing and installing a filtering and sterilizing system for swimming pool at the Dunbar High School, at 1st and N streets northwest, Washington, D. C., by the ultra violet ray process. Information may be obtained from Chief Clerk, Engineer Department, Room 427, District Building, Washington, D. C.


Durham, N. C.—City let contract to W. M. Wilkes Co., of Atlanta, Ga., for pipes.

Tulsa, Okla.—City let contract to Fogel Construction Co., Kansas City, to build filtration and water softening plant.

Clayton, N. C.—The Water Department has let the contract to Porter & Byrd, Charlotte, N. C., to supply and lay 1,000 feet 6-inch and 1,250 feet 8-inch castiron mains.

Pontiac, Mich.—Contract has been awarded to the Worthington Pump & Machinery Corporation, of New York, for furnishing the water works department with another air compressor, for $15,882.

Duluth, Minn.—Contract for furnishing the water and light department with a complete thawing machine was awarded to the Contractors’ Supply & Equipment Co., for $3,000.

Fostoria, O.—Contract for changing the channel of Last Creek, building a water works pump house, laying 1,300 feet of 42-inch force mains, constructing the embankment of a reservoir containing 100 acres, and riprapping the river embankment with stone has been awarded to J. H. Jons, for $257,000.

Stuart, Ia.—Contract let to Dunncgan & Briggs, Shenandoah, Ia., for installation of 28,400 feet of cast-iron pipe, 28 valves and 34 hydrants, for $4,794. Other bidders were: Dearborn Construction Co., Waterloo, Ia.; Elkhorn Construction Co., Fremont, Neb.; T. C. Brooks, Jackson, Mich.; J. L. Hansman, Des Moines, Ia.; J. W. Turner Improvement Co., Des Moines, Ia.; Hydraulic Concrete Construction Co., Davenport, Ia.; Nord & Weighton, Sioux City, Ia.; Inter-Mountain, Bridge & Construction Co., Tecumseh, Neb.; Michael McElligott, Evanston, I11.; A. A. Dobson, Lincoln, Neb.; Wm. C. Frayer, St. Paul, Minn.; Des Moines Bridge & Iron Co., Des Moines, Ia.; Anderson & Empire, Marshalltown, Ia.; W. B. Lovell, Minneapolis, Minn.; G. Mancini, Florence, Neb.; Peter N. Cress, Spencer, Ia. ; Moore Seig Construction Co., Waterloo, Ia.; C. W. Roland, Des Moines, Ia.; Akin & Flutter, Corning, Ia.; Kotz Construction Co., Omaha, Neb.

Lima, O.—The Fred R. Jones Co., of Cleveland, O., was the only firm that made a complete bid on the construction of a new billion gallon reservoir. The bid was made in unit prices. Following are the names of the concerns which entered bids: Pittsburgh Filter Co., Pittsburgh; Pitt Construction Co., Pittsburgh; A. Bende & Son, Toledo; Norwood Engineering Co., Florence, Mass.; New York Continental Jewell Filtration Co., New York; Fred R. Jones Co., Cleveland; W. Hawley Co., Toledo, which bid to erect the boilers for $10,990; Power Equipment Co., which bid to put in the boilers at a cost of $10,337; Alphone Construction Co., which bid on the item regarding the boilers; the S. R. Smythe Co.; Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Co., Cleveland; a “pump and machinery company” of Columbus; Hoover-Omen-Rentschler Co., Hamilton; John W. Danforth Co., Buffalo; Dravo-Doyle Co., Indianapolis; Webber Chimney Co., bid to erect a chimney at a cost of $3,685.

Clayton, N. C.—Contract let to Porter & Boyd, Inc., Charlotte, N. C., for 650 feet 6-inch and 2,000 feet 8-inch castiron pipe, hydrants and valves.



Bids open January 10, 1917.

Sealed bids will be received until 2 p. m., January 10, 1917, by the undersigned, for furnishing the City of Zanesville with a combination Hose, Ladder and Chemical Piece of Motor-driven Apparatus, equipped with a booster pump. This piece of apparatus to have a capacity of 250 gallons.

Bidders will submit their own plans and specifications of apparatus they expect to furnish. _


City Clerk.



Bids open February 5, 1917.


For furnishing all labor and materrars excepting cement, reinforcing steel, gate valves, sluice gates and cast-iron pipe and special castings, for the construction of a reinforced concrete covered high service reservoir for the Board of Water Commissioners, City of St. Paul, Minn., as per plans and specifications.

Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals bearing the number 1119 of the bid and endorsed with the name of the bidder and date of presentation, will be received at the office of the City Purchasing Agent at the Court House and City Hall until 10:30 a. m., Monday, February 5, 1917, for furnishing all labor and material excepting cement, reinforcing steel, gate valves, sluice gates and cast-iron pipe and special castings for the construction of a high service reinforced concrete covered reservoir at end of Dale Street, for the Board of Water Commissioners, City of St. Paul, Minn., all as per plans and specifications on file in the office of the Purchasing Agent and office of the Engineer, Board of Water Commissioners.

A bond in the sum of twenty (20%) per cent, of the amount of the bid, with two (2) sureties, residents of the City of St. Paul, or a surety company bond in the same amount, or a certified check in the sum of ten (10%) per cent, of the amount bid, must accompany each proposal as a surety for making and execution of a contract.

The City reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or any part of any proposal. Bids are to be submitted in triplicate upon the regular proposal blank, which are hereby made a part of this advertisement.

All proposals are, therefore, subject to the conditions stated thereon. All bids will be opened in public, at the time above stated, by the Purchasing Agent, in the presence of the Contract Committee.



Bids open January 15, 1917.

Notice is hereby given that sealed bidswill be received by the Commissioner of Public Safety at his office in the City Hall, Duluth, Minnesota, up to 11 o’clock

A. M., Monday, January 15th, 1917, for furnishing the Fire Department of the City of Duluth with one triple combination motor rig. Motor to be six-cylinder, fortygallon chemical tank—tourn-over tank— box to carry not less than 1,200 feet of 21/2-inch hose. Rig to be equipped with Sewell wheels and hard rubber tires.

Full specifications may be seen at the office of the Chief of the Fire Department.

A certified check for ten per cent, of the amount of the bid, made payable tothe Treasurer of the City of Duluth, must accompany each bid.

The City of Duluth reserves the right to reject any or all bids.



City Clerk.


Commissioner of Public Safety.

Duluth, Minn., Dec. 16th, 1916.



Bids open January 15, 1917.

Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will be received by the Commissioner of Public Safety at his office in the City Hall, Duluth, Minnesota, up to 11 o’clock

A. M., Monday, January 15th, 1917, for furnishing the Fire Department of the City of Duluth with four thousand (4,000) feet, more or less, of two and one-half inch cotton, rubber-lined fire hose, coupled, fifty-foot lengths

Couplings to be made according to specifications of the National Board of Underwriters, with Duluth thread.

A certified check for ten per cent, of the amount of the bid, made payable to the Treasurer of the City of Duluth, must accompany each bid.

The City of Duluth reserves the right to reject any or all bids.



City Clerk.


Commissioner of Public Safety.

Duluth, Minn., Dec. 16th, 1916.



Logansport, La.—City has plans for a water works system.

Bossier, La.—City has plans for water works system.

Fayetteville, Ark.—City is to install water purification plant.

Mansfield, O.—Bids are to be received for installing meters.

Worcester, Mass.—City is to install meters throughout the city.

Colorado Springs, Colo.—A bond issue will be made for more than $500,000 for various water improvements.

West Sioux alls, S. D.—Money is to be appropriated for water mains.

Bridgeport, Conn.—The Newtown Water Co. is to lay water mains.

Skillman, N. J.—State legislature is to appropriate $33,000 for additional water supply at the state village.

Orange, N, J.—State Board of Health recommends installing filter plant. Lithoma, Ga.—City sold bonds for water system.

Natchez, Miss.—City plans a new pumping station.

Springfield, III.—City is to extend water works.

Beshler, Ohio.—City plans reservoir, wells and standpipe.

Detroit, Mich.—City is to plan a filtration plant, to cost $4,000,000.

New Westminster, B. C.—City plans to issue bonds to build water works.

Brantford, Ont.—The Water Board plans to increase and purify water supply.

Sioux City, S. D.—Plans are being considered for extension of water mains.

Holdingford. Minn.—Election will be held for bond issue, to extend water system.

Geneva. N. Y.—Taxpayers have voted to construct an additional unit to the slow sand filtration plant, for $40,000.

Warrensburg. Mo.—Fire recently destroyed the pump house of the water works.

Cincinnati, O.—Bonds will be issued for the purpose of extending water system.

Olympia, Wash.—The North Coast Power Company is to install water meters at Vancouver, Wash.

Weleetka, Okla.—The water works company is to purchase water meters, construct settling tanks, and filtration plant.

Llano, Tex.—Contract is soon to be given for construction of filtration plant.

Petersburg. Va.—Bond issue of $25,000 is to be made, to extend water system.

Vicker, Va.—Norfolk & Western Railway is to erect a water station five miles from this city.

Liberty, S. C.—City intends to vote on water bonds to construct water works.

Tahlequah, Okla.—City intends to construct water works, to cost $30,000.

Checotah, Okla.—City is considering construction of water works.

Thomasville, N. C.—Water main will be extended. Cost to he $1,200.

Greenville, N. C.—City intends to issue bonds to construct water works.

Belmont, N. C.—City has made surveys for the water works system.

Yazoo City, Miss.—-County will construct concrete reservoir on poor house premises.

Vinton, La.—City will construct water works, to include 500-gallon pump, 50,000-gallon tank on lOO-foot tower, 4 miles 0-inch mais, standard hydrants, etc.; estimated cost, $25,000; T. H. Mandell, Engineer, Lake Charles.

Montezuma, Ia.—Council has undertaken steps for installation of water tank.

Green Bay, Wis.—Election will be held in the near future to issue bonds for water system extension.

New Richmond, Wis.—City intends to install water works system.

Chilton, Wis.—The city will be ready to receive bids about March for the construction of water works.

Madison, Ia.—City contemplates the construction of water works system, including wells and 1,000,000-gallon reservoir,

Weimar, Tex.—The city will vote Jan, 23 on $15,000 bond issue to extend and improve tne water system.

Terrell, Tex.—City will construct reservoir with a capacity of 200,000 gallons.

San Angelo. Tex.—San Angelo Water, Light A Power Co. will construct impounding reservoir.

Houston, Tex.—City intends expending $100,000 for water plant, to include mains and wells.

Greenville, Tex.—City Intends to make water works improvements.

Los Angeles, Cal.— Recent report of water survey shows the need of spending $720,000 on water system.

Bellaire, O.—A strong movement in the city for extension of water mains and the erection of standpipes.

San Jose, Cal.—City will issue $19,000 bonds for water improvements.

Knoxville, Term.—Bonds to the extent of $225,000 have been sold.

Bromley, Ky.—$2,000 bonds have been issued.

Portland, Ore.—City will purchase within a short time 250 tons of water pipe. The bids will probably call for 50 tons of flinch pipe; 30 tons of 10-inch; 70 tons of 16-incn and 100 tons of various-sized pipe. Also bids will be called for on 40 patent sleeves and valves.

Springfield, Ill.—City will construct 3⅛ miles of 21-inch extension to water works.

West Burlington, Ia.—Citizens will vote on a bond issue of $70,000 for improving water works.

Sedalia, Mo.—The city will vote on bond issue to cover proposed water works plant.

Smith’s Falls, Ont.—Plans have been approved for laying water mains.

Castlewood, S. D.—Plans are being made for water works system.

Elizabeth, N. J.—Because of the high cost of building the new fire house, the city is not to have a hose tower.

Trenton, N. J.—State Board of Public Ctility has ordered the Delaware River Water Co., of Delanco, to extend its mains.

Portland, Ore.—A movement among citizens to demand a change from flat to meter rates.

Passaic, N. J.—The water main in the Borough of Garfield is to be extended.

Irvington, N. J.—Irvington may have a new water system.

Berlin. N. H.—The Berlin Water Co., of this city, is to extend water mains.

Brookfield, Mass.—Water main is to be extended.

Stamford, Conn.—The Stamford Water Co. has asked permission to build a storage reservoir near village of Highland.

Fayetteville, Ark.—Press reports state that city will probably award contract before January 15 for the installation of a water purification plant.

Dover, N. J.—Board of Water Commissioners has engaged Engineer Frederic V. Pitney to make a report on the advisability of purchasing property near here for an additional water supply.

Leominster, Mass.—A movement for the extension of mains to South Leominster has been revived.

Spencer, Mass.—Reports from this place state that the Water Commissioners have issued an order requiring the metering of all new service put in on the Brookfield and East Brookfield systems.

Haverhill, Mass.—After January 1, all new services will have to be metered, according to an order of the Water Department. Alfred M. Sawyer, Water Registrar.

Monroe, N. Y.—A recent large fire has revived agitation for the establishment of a water works system.

Sidney, N. Y.—Village Trustees have applied to a commission to appraise the property of the Sidney Water Co., with the view of purchasing it.

Uxbridge, Mass.—It is planned to purchase a new water works pump witn a capacity of about 500 gallons per minute. Samuel F. Scott, of Water Commission, may be addressed.

Marion, O.—Marion Water Co. has asked for permission to issue $37,700 in stock for improvements, to include a water softening plant, additional mains, hyHamilton, N. Y.—Village voted December 19 on bond issue of $30,000 for the installation of water and light systems, drants, etc.

Akron, O.—Council has passed an ordinance authorizing a bond issue of $110,000 for water works improvements, to include two new pumps, a new boiler, and additional mains. Work is to be under supervision of Service Director Beck, and it will be started in the spring.


Fort Keegh, Mont.—Bids will be received until Jan. for one 20-inch centrifugal pump; one 125-horsepower oil burning engine; 500 feet 32 syphon; one 8,000,gaflon oil storage tank.

Allentown, Pa.—Bids will be received until Dec. 30 for furnishing and Installing two 0,000,000-gallon pumping engines.

Providence, R. I.—Bids will be received until January 3, 1917, for the following work at the water department: About 400 feet of concrete conduit 21 feet 4 inches high by 25 feet wide, and 1,300 feet of open channel. The engineer’s estimate of some of the main items are 65,000 cubic yards of earth excavation, 9,000 cubic yards of rock excavation, 55,000 cubic yards of embankment compacted in 0-inch layers, 600 feet of 30-inch steel pipe, and 8,500 cubic yards of concrete masonry.

Astoria, Ore.—Astoria Water Company has let contract for furnishing pipe to Oregon Iron & Steel Co.

Salt Lake City, Utah—Contract for pumping station has been let.

Omaha, Neb.—Contract has been let to John H. Hart, Webster street, for pumping station.

Troy, Mont.—Contract for water works system has been let to M. T. Geist.

Jacksonville, Fla.—City has let contract to Southern Construction Co. for relining and waterproofing basin of water works.

Coffeeville, Miss.—City has let contract to Sullivan, Long & Haggerty, at $18,000, to construct water works; includes 12,000 feet pipe laying, 50,000-gallon concrete reservoir, 50,00-gallon standpipe, 3-inch well 050 feet deep.

Hamilton, Tex.—City has let contract to M. E. Henderson to construct water works for $34,000.

Allentown, Pa.—Bids will be received at the office of Mayor A. L. Reichenbach until December 30 for the installation of two 0,000,000-gallon pumping engines, in accordance with specifications which may be had upon application to the Superintendent of Parks and Public Property.

St. Paul, Minn.—Bids for the construction of a reinforced covered high-service reservoir, exclusive of cement, steel, gate valves, cast-iron pipe and castings, are being readvertised, to be opened February 5.

Medford. Mass.—Bids will be received at the office of the Water and Sewer Commissioners, 52 Swan street, until 8 p. m., Wedncsday, December 27, for furnishing about 10 fire hydrants, 75 water gates, 200 water meters, 7,000 feet of water and 15,000 feet of sewer pipe, and other supplies. Fred L. Cushing, Clerk.

Independence, La.—Bids will be received until Jan. 9 for constructing complete water works system.

St. Paul. Minn.—Rids will he received until February 15 for furnishing all materials, excepting cement, reinforcing steel, gate valves, sluice gates and castiron pipe and special castings for the construction of a reinforced concrete covered high reservoir.

Philadelphia, Pa.—Bids will be received utvtil Dec. 27 for constructing 24-inch and 18-inch cast-iron lines and concrete reservoir

Lorain, O.—Bids will be received until Jan. 3 for filters, valves, pipes, etc.

Ft. Wayne, Ind.— Bills will be received until Jan. 4 for roof over city reservoir.

Webster City, la.—Bins will be received until Jan. 8 for water and light plant.

Independence, La.—Bids will be received until Jan. 9 for oil engines, pumps, steel tower, tank, reservoir, pumping engine and station, hydrants and valves.

Chilton, Wis.—Bids will be received until March 6 for water works system.


Morristown, N. J.—The Gravity Water Supply Co. has awarded contract to.H. C. Brooks for extension of water mains, for $2,000.

Philadelphia, Pa.—The McXichol Paving & Cons, ruction Co. has received contract for laying cast-iron water pipes. F. J. Boas has received contract for pumping station.

Stua. t, Ia.—Dunnegan & Brggs awarded contract for laying mains.

Troy, Mont.—F. E. Evans Contracting Co., Great Falls, Mont., has been awarded contract for reservoir.

North Wilkesboro. N. C.—Rand & Robbins, of Salem, N. C., awarded contract for dam.

Cleve’and, O.—John F. Casey Co. awarded contract for repairing reservoir.

Reading, Pa.—Bids were recently received from the following for water meters: The Reading Foundry & Supply Co. and the Badger Meter Co. being the lowest. The Reading Co. bid for 5/8-inch, 3/4-inch, 1-inch, 1 1/2-inch and 2-inoh. The Badger Co. bid lower on the 3/4 and 1-inch meters. Other bidders were the Thomson Meter Co., Hersey Manufacturing Co., Neptue Meter Co., Pittsburgh Meter Co., Gamon Meter Co., Worthington Meter Co. and the Buffalo Meter Co. For valves, the Eddy Valve Co. was the low bidder, at $15 for 6inch, $42 for 12-inch, and $120 for 16inch. The Darling Pump & Manufacturing Co. and R. D. Wood & Co. were other bidders. For pipe, the bids ranged from 3 1/4 cents up to 40 cents per pound for the various sizes. The bidders were the Standard Cast Iron Pipe & Foundry Co., Donaldson Iron Co., U. S. Cast Iron Co., Reading Scale & Machine Co. and Howard Roberts Co., Inc.

Oshkosh, Wis.—Contract for submerged crib and intake piping is let to J. Rasmussen & Sons Co., for $36,829.

Madison, Wis.—Contract for putnp has been let to Indiana Air Pump Co., Indianapolis, Ind., for $30,749.

Erie, Pa.—Contract for one 20,000,000gallon low-service pumping unit was awarded to R. D. Wood & Co., of Philadelphia, Pa. (delivery in thirty weeks) for $14,700. Other bidders were: Dravo-Doyle Co., Pittsburgh, Pa . $12,800, 47 weeks delivery., and the Worthington Pump & Machinery Corp., New York, $15,185, 15 months delivery. The earlier delivery of the Wood Company was considered worth the difference in bids. Contract for furnishing pipe and material for new pipe system and discharge line outside of pumping station was awarded to R. D. Wood & Co., of Philadelphia, for $40,000. Contract for reconstructing the outside pipe line was given to the Pitt Construction Co., of Pittsburgh, Pa. Contract for furnishing valves was awarded to the Eddy Valve Co., Troy. N. Y., for $4,500. Contract for furnishing a Venturi meter was awarded to the Simplex Valve & Meter Co., Philadelphia, Pa., for $1,084.