Water flow test kit now UL classified

Water flow test kit now UL classified

Western Fire’s water flow test kit has received the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) classification for fire pump flow testing.

The kit now includes a new range of tip sizes that are made to test flows ranging from 180-1,500 gpm, a new plastic laminated discharge table that is based on the UL tests specifically done for this kit, and a tough, molded carrying case.

This system serves as a replacement for the separate smooth bore nozzles, the standard flow charts, and the hand-held pitot tube usually used.

The kit has a specially designed nozzle housing that holds the integral pitot in the proper relationship to the various precision machined nozzle inserts for consistent, reliable readings.

The water flow test kit eliminates many of the variables and unknowns that can affect the testing process and is useful for testing pumpers, hydrants, and standpipe systems. It also enables personnel to conduct tests in a less hazardous manner.

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