Water-Fog and Foam Control Gasoline Tanker Fire

Water-Fog and Foam Control Gasoline Tanker Fire

Fire-fighters from South Williamsport and the Susquehanna Ordnance Depot successfully fought a gasoline trailer tanker fire on Highway 15 a few miles south of Williamsport, Pa.

The equipment used to subdue the lively blaze—said to have resulted in a loss of $10,000—included three standard fire department pumpers, high-pressurepump-and-water-tank trucks, and a foam-truck.

It is reported that the cab and forward vent of the trailer truck loaded with over 4,000 gallons of gasoline were involved in flames before the first fire apparatus reached the scene. The truck had not capsized and the driver had managed to pull it off the road before being forced to flee. The forward vent had blown off the 22-foot long tank and fire was flaming from the opening

According to officials of the South Williamsport Fire Department, two high pressure fog streams were successful in controlling the fire. One stream fire in the cab of the vehicle; the other fire in the cab of the evhicle; the other was used to control the spill fire under the truck and the blazing tires. Reports indicate that the cab was cooled off in about two minutes and soon after firemen were able to get on it and apply a fog stream directly into the burning tank. In both these operations it is said that only a “partial” fog stream was used—about half-way between a solid jet and fog. According to these officials, it required but a total of 150 gallons of water to control the fire.

Water-Fog and Foam Control Tank Truck Fire Firemen stretch in to start operation of extinguishing fire involving gas tanker near Williamsport,Pa.Fire was knocked down by fog, after which foam was applied to finish the job.

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