The recent break in the big main which paralysed industries in Jersey City and reduced housekeepers to despair brings the question of water supply more strongly to the front. Under the contract with the city for a temporary supply the East Jersey Water Company agreed to furnish w ter from the Pequannock; but any deficiency is to be supplied from the Passaic The company further agreed that within eighteen months a pumping plant would be located at Little Falls, so that the deficiency should be supplied from there. The contract for the temporary supply was entered into in April, so that the company has less than ten months in which to complete the works at Little Falls. The Gillespies, of Pittsburgh, Pa., the contractors, are now busy over the task near the Beattie carpet mills. Owing to the conformation of the locality, there is a great deal of blasting and excavation to be done. A raceway will extend to the river above the Beattie dam, from which the water will be pumped directly into the mains which supply Paterson, Jersey City,and other towns with which the water company is now’ under contract. The East Jersey Company is hurrying 6n the work with the intention of ultimately shutting out Jersey City from the upper Passaic watershed. When that corporation is in actual possession of Little Falls, it will be difficult for any opposition bidders to submit a proposition for water from the upper Passaic. The water company can claim the right to the use of all the water of Little Falls. The company will claim that all this water will be needed to supply the municipalities with which the companies has contracts—and the public water supply of any municipality cannot be condemned. The river at Little Falls is the key to that entire watershed, and only those who have rights in the river above that point prior to the time when the East Jersey Water Company establishes its plant at Little Falls can retain an interest in the water rights. A pumping station will be built adjoining the canal at Little Falls, with turbine wheel adapted for both water and steam, however. A thirty-six-inch main has been laid on the east side to Paterson for the supply of that city. It passes under the river and connects with other two mains.

The East Jersey Company purchased the rights at Little Falls several years ago. It has not, as yet, taken any steps for the erection of a reservoir at Great Notch. The plan now is to pump directly into the mains. The supply of water at Little Falls is very abundant. In the dry season it is estimated that the daily flow is not less than 80.000.000 gallons.

The break in the twelve-foot main pipe referred to above— one that supplies JerseyCity, Bayonne,and the township of Harrison with water—took place on Christmas Day at a point about four miles above Little Falls. This was the only supply pipe running into JerseyCity. The accident left the entire hill section—including Jersey City Heights. Greenville, and Bayonne without water for three days and more. Lower Jersey City was supplied by the Summit avenue reservoir.

The Queens County Water Company, of Far Rockaway has contracted to supply Rockaway Beach, borough of Queens, N. Y., with water at the rate of $20 per each hydrant per year. The contract is for five years.

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