(Special correspondenc of FIRE AND WATER.)

MEMPHIS, TENN, May 1 1897.

Oxford, Miss., a beautiful town situated on the Illinois Central railroad and having a population of 2,500, during the hot and dry season of last year realized the necessity of having water works and the city council went to work, and through the energy, push, and never-ceasing interest of Mr. W. D. Porter, town clerk, steps were taken for the erection of the works. Mr. A. A. Tucker, of the Artesian Water Company, Memphis. Tenn .was engaged to make surveys, plans, and specifications, and act as advisory engineer.

Guerrant & Rro., of Memphis, Tenn., were given the con-, tract to bore two six-inch deep wells, erect pumps and boilers. Bids were advertised for for tank, tower, and pipe system. The Chicago Bridge & Iron Company, Chicago, Ill., were given the contract for the erection of tank and tower; Sanders & Porter, Louisville, Ky., that for the pipe system,valves,and fire hydrants.

The wells are six inches and 185 feet deep. The pumps are Cook’s single-acting deep well pumps of 75,000 gallons capacity each. The tank has a capacity of 65,000 gallons, and is erected on a steel tower ninety-eight feet high The total height of tover and tank is 122 feet, giving a pressure of fifty-two pounds in pumphouse and forty eight pounds on the mains around the public square.

The pipe system consists of four and one-half miles, eight six, and four-inch pipe with twenty-five valves and forty-seven double two and one half inch nozzle fire hydrants.

On April 27, a test was made, and water was thrown through one section of two and one-half-inch hose, one and one eighth nozzle over the custom house, a three-story building on the public square. Two streams from the same hydrant were thrown horizontally to a distance of 105 feet. The citizens, after seeing this display, and remembering their experience of last summer, when wagons hauled water to lie used in the stores, and ice sold in the streets at two and one-half cents per pound, were highly pleased at the test. The board has compiled a reasonable tariff of rates.

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