Water Improvements in Kalamazoo

Water Improvements in Kalamazoo

The new Maple Street pumping station of the Kalamazoo, Mich., water works has been started on part-time service, according to an announcement from Earl Norman, director of public utilities. Three new wells which have been drilled by the city have been connected to the new station and will serve the West Main Street standpipe, covering the entire Hillcrest section of the city. The driving of the three wells and the construction of the Maple Street station represents one of the best improvements to city service made in several years. The scheme was worked out by the present commission or recommendation of Director Norman and City Manager Clarence Miller. The three wells were dug during the last year and each one of them proved exceptionally good.

The water from these wells is of pure quality and there is plenty of it. The wells have a normal flow of water of 301 gallons per minute, or approximately 400,000 gallons per day The wells were dug to a depth of from 100 to 150 feet, ani. the water from that depth is of the purest quality.

The next step after the drilling of the wells was the construction of the pumping station. A brick building on a solid concrete foundation was constructed. Power lines were laid into the building and two centrifugal pumps installed. These pumps have a capacity of 1,500,000 gallons of water each per day.

The pumps are so arranged that if one breaks down the other can be started up to take its place without delay These pumps work automatically. As soon as the water drops 18 inches below normal level in the standpipes, thi pumps will automatically start. As soon as the water is uj to high level they will be automatically shut off. Two motors, each 125 horse power operate each pump.

In constructing the pumping station Director Norman hataken every precaution against possible breakage of equip ment and a system of automatic stops and signals has beet: arranged so that the least difficulty with any of the apparatus at the station will be heralded at once to officials at the watei works on South Burdick street. The machinery can thus bi repaired immediately. There are systems protecting thi switch board from overloads, protecting the mechanism and service and from wire trouble, and to prevent floods, as wel as many of safety devices. As soon as water in the pumping station seeps into the building it is drained out by a pipini system. Should the piping system fail, then a system o! floats automatically starts a pump which keeps the floor pumped dry. In this manner the station is protected against rising water which might materially damage the motors.

With the new station in service Kalamazoo will have water pumping capacity of close to 12,000.000 gallons per day, whereas, the capacity has been about 9,000,000. The new wells, pumping station and equipment will have cost the city approximately $38,000, when completed. They constitut. a permanent improvement, one which has been made witl a view to possible extensions of service in the future, thuinsuring Kalamazoo of good water facilities for many year* to come.

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