Water News from Ohio

Water News from Ohio

(From Our Regular Correspondent.)

An enlarged water works program, entailing the expenditure of approximately $2,870,000, has been announced by Service Director Earl L. Zeisloft, Akron, Ohio. Providing sufficient contractors can be found the entire program will be taken care of this year. It includes the following: Purification plant, $800,000; boiler plant, $145,000; main pumping station, $105,000; four and one-tenth miles force main (48-inch) from Kent, Ohio, $690,000; distributing piping, $900,000; Store yard at Johnson and Spicer, $90,000; service meters, $40,000.

The bonds to he issued, covering this development have already been authorized and are now advertised for sale. The interest rate has been raised to 5 1/2 per cent. Contracts have been awarded by the service department for approximately $400,000 in supplies for the water department. A contract for 500 hydrants was awarded to the Rensellaer Valve Co., at their bid of $37,5.25 ; U. S. Cast Iron Pipe and Foundry Co., 3,155 tons of pipe, $242,336.50; Hardward and Supply Co., for valves. $19,178.94; A. P. Smith Manufacturing Co., for cutting in sleeves and valves, $4,211.25.

Water Works Superintendent L. B. Ohliger, at Canton, Ohio, has announced that he will augment the meter force, and, if possible, will complete metering the entire city this year. Almost one-third of the city has been metered. Mr. Ohliger last week asked the city council to authorize the issuance of $70,000 in bonds to purchase another supply of meters, so as not to interrupt the progress of the gangs engaged in installation of meters.

Involving improvement work to cost nearly $400,000. bids were received recently by the Akron Water Works Bureau for the grading of the store yard site at Spicer and Johnson Streets, the furnishing and hauling of thirty-three miles of cast iron pipe and the construction of steel water tank. The store yard site consists of about six acres. The steel tank will have a capacity of 500,000 gallons, and will be erected on Sixth avenue. It will serve Arlington Heights. The U. S. Cast Iron and Foundry Company offered to furnish fifteen miles of cast iron pipe for $242,336, and the A. W. Hinman Company offered to haul eighteen miles of cast iron pipe for $9,500. Bids were also received for the valves and fire hydrants. This is one of the most important projects of Akron’s water development.

Investigation into the water shortage problem of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, has been started. The daily requirement for the city is 400,000 gallons. The actual supply at this time equals less than 300,000 gallons, and as the result a certain portion of the supply is shut off at night to augment the supply in the daytime. Test wells are being sunk in hopes of stimulating the supply. Several years ago consideration was given to utilizing part of Akron’s supply.

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