Water Not to Blame for New York Typhoid

Water Not to Blame for New York Typhoid

After a careful check of the 300 odd cases of typhoid fever reported in scattered portions of New York City, Commissioner of Health Frank J. Monaghan has positively exonerated the water supply from any connection with the spread of the disease. Dr. Monaghan said:

“There is no question, as to the water and milk supply. Our water system is as near perfect as it is possible to make it, and I say with authority that it is free of all disease-carrying germs. The milk, also, has been found excellent.

“My belief is that the unusually large number of typhoid cases reported from so many different localities is primarily due to the dry summer and fall. Such a situation always affects the water supply of a community, and where the water supply is polluted there always is typhoid fever.

“We find, also that we must take cognizance of the automobile as a factor in disease transmission. It is very easy now for people to take automobile trips out into the country, where health regulations are sometimes deficient. The same is true of the large and constantly increasing army of hikers.”

To protect against spread of the disease the commissioner urges two simple precautions: First, be careful of what you eat and drink when taking trips outside of the city, and second, have yourself vaccinated against typhoid fever.

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