Water of Columbia, Tenn., Not Polluted

Water of Columbia, Tenn., Not Polluted

As a result of an error in taking samples of the water of Columbia, Tenn., and submitting them to the state chemists at Nashville, for analysis, the people of the city were unduly alarmed over the qualities of the drinking water.

Two samples of the city water were sent for analysis, one from a hydrant and from an unsanitary well, remote from the city. When the latter sample was tested, it was immediately branded as unfit for drink and the press of Columbia notified of that fact. The city officials have freely acknowledged the error for the unwarranted scare, and the Southern Cities Power Company, which supplies the water for the city, received a report from the state bacteriological laboratories in reference to three samples taken from the proper sources of the city supply, that the water shows no evidence of pollution.

It Depends on the View Point

First Rooky Fireman—I hear that the chief called you a blockhead. Second Rooky Fireman—No, he didn’t make it that strong.

First Rooky Fireman—What did he actually say?

Second Rooky Firemen—He said, “Put on your hat, here comes a woodpecker.”

Rye, N. Y., Acquires New Fire Apparatus—A Reo speed wagon equipped with chemical tank and hose has been added to the fire department of Rye, N. Y.

Alexandria, Va., Has New Fire Engine—An AmericanLaFrance 750 gallon triple combination car was recently delivered to Alexandria, Va.

Myerstown, Pa., Firemen Celebrate Anniversary—A large parade was recently held in Myerstown, Pa., in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the erection of the Good Will Fire Company’s home on Main Street. Twelve companies from Lebanon and Berks county participated. Prizes were distributed among the out-of-town companies.

Veteran Rochester, N. Y., Captain Retires—Captain William H. Rhines, a member of the Rochester, N. Y., fire department for thirty-nine years was retired on a pension recently. Captain Rhines had been suffering for some time with injuries received at a fire, and applied for a pension. He was the oldest fireman in point of service.

Fargo, N. D., Relief Body Receives Funds—The fire department relief association of Fargo, N. D., received §2,874 from the state auditors department. The city received §5,748 as its share of the two per cent of premiums paid in the city, and half of this amount was diverted towards the maintenance of equipment and half for the relief association.

Berkeley, Cal., Issues Permits for Weed Burning—In the future Berkeley, Cal., will issue permits to responsible people for the burning of weeds. The party doing the burning assumes all liabilities that may arise out of using the permit. Otherwise the vacant lots will be cleaned by the city’s weed burning crew and the owner charged for same.

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