Grand Rapids. Mich.—Bids will probably be asked by bd. of water supply until Jan. 19. 1911. for construction of last portion of large filtration plant. Herlnff & Fuller, New York. engrs.

New York. N. Y.—Bids will be received by H. S. Thompson, cornr. of water supply, gas and electricity, until Nov. 30 for hauling and laying water mains and appurtenances in the borough of Brooklyn. Section 1 — In streets within the boundaries of district No. 3. Section 2—In streets within the boundaries of district No. 1. and for furnishing, driving ami connecting wells. Section 1—Furnishing. driving and connecting wells at the Bavslde pumping station, borough of Queens. Section 2—Furnishing. driving and connecting wells at the VYhitestone pumping station, borough of Queens.

Fort f’rook. Neb.—Bids will be received by C. K. Babcock, Quartermaster. I’. S. Army, until Dec. 16 for construction of a well and reservoir at Fort Crook.

Troy. N. Y.—Bids will be received by J. M. Riley, secy. bd. of contract, until Dec. 2. for labor, services and materials required In laying approximately 4.300 lineal feet of 12-lnch cast-iron water pipe with necessary specials, valves and fire hydrants. In Spring avenue, from Unden avenue. easterly.

Carthage. O.—Rids will be received by A. J. Mantley, elk. bd. of pub. affah s. until Dec. 17 for furnishing all materials and constructing the following work for the Carthage waterworks: One 60-brake horse-power horizontal gas driving engine; one vertical triplex single acting plunger pump, 350 gallons per minute capacity, against a pressure of 90 pounds per square Inch; one 80lrak«* horsepower driving engine; one horizontal straight line, single stage belt-driven air compressor of f20 cu. ft. free air cap. per min. against a pressure of 90 lbs. per sq. In.

New York. N. Y.—Bids will be received by bd. of water supply until Dec. 13 for furnishing and delivering certain apparatus and materials, and furnishing, delivering and installing certain other apparatus and materials at Ashokar. Kensico and Hill View reservoirs and in various structures along Cntskill aqueduct, In Ulster. Orange. Putnam and Westchester counties. N. Y.

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Brockton. Mass. November 8, for one vertical triple expansion pumping engine 6 U. S. million gals. daily capacity Charles H. Felton, city engr.

Dundee, I11., October 21. for a standpipe, engine and pump. Wm. C. Albrecht, clk

Slater. Ia., October 10, for drilling and completing a well. City elk.

Mt. Clemens. Mich., October 17, for a 300,000-gallnn pumping engine. Henry Pen ton. citv clk.

Newport. R. I., October 1, for water supply and storage system at U. S. coal depot. Narragansett Bay. R. R. Bradford, chief bureau. Navy dept., Washington. D. C.

Washington, D. C., October 18. for cast Iron specials. William Tridall, sec. bd. comrs.

Colby, Wis., October 14, for machinery, apparatus and supplies for waterworks. J. J. Grimes, city elk. See advt.

New York. N. Y., October 17. for building and replacing two water tube boilers in Delehanty patent dumping boats “Cenerentola” and “Aschenbrodel,” John McG Woodbury, comr. street cleaning.

Chicago. Ill., October 14. for laying water service pipes. Andrew M. Lynch., pres. bd. local improvements.