Water Rates at Terre Haute

Water Rates at Terre Haute

The Public Service Commission of Indiana has acted on a petition of the Commercial Club of Terre Haute, Ind., and has issued an order readjusting the rates of the Terre Haute Water Company. The order reduces both meter and flat rates but most of the reduction is on meter rates, this being done, it is stated, to encourage patrons to purchase water by measurement and reduce waste of water. The commission placed a valuation on the property of the Terre Haute Company of $1,200,000 which includes an allowance of $80,000 for going value. The meter monthly charges, based on consumption, range from 4½ cents for each 1,000 gallons used to 20 cents for each 1,000 gallons consumed. The commission ordered a reduction in the minimum monthly charge for meter consumers, the rate varying according to the size of the meter used. The company is allowed to continue its rule concerning deposits to guarantee payment of water charge. Patrons must either make a deposit or supply a solvent guarantee. The company, under the commission’s order, will continue to charge the city $40 a year for each of the 1,125 hydrants now installed; the city also shall pay $40 a year for one hydrant on each 500 feet of additional mains ordered installed by the city. The city shall have the right to install not to exceed 10 additional hydrants on mains now installed without additional comnensation to the company. The company will be allowed to continue free water to the public schools, but the commission directs that it make a charge for water supplied the Indiana State Normal School and Rose Polytechnic Institute. The commission estimates that the company’s yearly revenue must aggregate $170,000 to meet its requirements. It considers that the new schedule of rates will provide this much revenue. The items which make up the $170,000 revenue required are as follows: Operating expenses, $60,000; taxes, $22,000; depreciation, $10,000; return on value of property at 6½ per cent., $78,000.

Schedule of Rates.

The schedule of rates follows: The flat rate for water supply service, until changed or withdrawn by the metering of such service, are as follows: To private families in dwelling houses only: (a) where there is not more than one room rented; (b) where there are not more than two boarders; (c) where there are no water meters or water lifts; (d) where there are not more than two horses kept on premises; (e) where the water pipe and fixtures are maintained in good order; (f) where sprinkling is not done when there is a fire; (g) where sprinkling is confined to the frontage paid for, domestic use in kitchen for one family, six rooms or less, $5,000 per year. For each additional room, $1.00 per year. For each additional family in dwelling without water closets or baths, $3.00 per year. Bath in addition to rate for domestic use. each $3.00 per year. Water closet of approved pattern in addition to rate for domestic use, each, $3.00 per year. Wash basin, no addition to domestic rate. Heating boiler in addition to domestic rate, $3.00 per vear. One horse, in addition to domestic rate, $3.50 per year. Two horses, in addition to domestic rate. $6.00 per year. One cow. in addition to domestic rate. $1.50 per year. Washing automobile, in addition to domestic rate, each, $6.00 per year. Sprinkling, where water is taken on the premises for domestic use, 30 feet front or less tor portion of year when sprinkling is desired, $5.00. For each additional foot, 5 cents. In case of corner lot, the measurement to be taken from the longest side; provided, that as these rates are lower than those charged for sprinkling where water is not taken tor domestic use, there shall be no reduction or discount from the rates as quoted, where water is used for sprinkling only a portion of the season. Also that where one-half of the charge for sprinkling has been paid in connection with domestic use. the second half may be voided July 1 by having all sprinking fixtures removed at expense of consumer. Sprinkling, where water is not taken for domestic use, 40 feet front or less, for sprinkling season, $7.00 per year. For each additional foot, 5 cents per year. In case of corner lot, measurement to be taken from the longest side; provided, that there is no additional charge if water is turned on during the month of April, it being understood that the sprinkling season closes Oct. 31. Also if water is not turned on until July 1 there shall be a reduction of 15 per cent, from the total rate; if turned on Aug. 1, a reduction of 40 per cent., and if turned on Sept. 1, reduction of 70 per cent. Stores, 25 feet front or less, $5.00 to $10.00 per year. Offices, one faucet only. $5.00 per year. Church use with baptistry, $8.00 per year. Building purposes, per 1,000 brick, 10 cents. Building purposes, per 100 yards plastering, 40 cents. Building purposes, per perch stone, 7 cents. Building purposes, per square yard concrete 4 inches to 7 inches thick, 1 cent. Building purposes, per cubic yard concrete (27 cubic feet), 8 cents. Building purposes per 100 concrete or tile blocks, 10 cents. No permit for building purposes or concrete work is issued for less than $1, and if it is necessary to turn the water on for such purposes the minimum rate is $2. Puddling Sewer Trenches—A charge of $5 for each block of 365 feet plus the time required for our man to open the hydrant. Flushing Sewers—Where hydrant is not open more than one-half hour, $5; for each additional half hour, $2.50. Dog and pony show, per day, $10.00. Circus or wild west show’, per day, $18. Meter Rates—For the first 20,000 gallons used per month, 20 cents per 1,000 gallons. For the next 80,000 gallons used per month, 18c. per 1,000 gallons. For the next 200,000 gallons used per month, 10 cents per 1,000 gallons. For the next 700,000 gallons used per month, 6 cents per 1,000 gallons. For the next 2,000,000 gallons used per month, 5 cents per 1,000 gallons. All over 3,000,000 gallons used per month, 4½ cents per 1,000 gallons. Minimum charge or rate on metered service—Every metered water supply service shall have a minimum charge or rate on every meter installed, varying with and based upon the size of meter required and installed, as follows: Size of meter, monthly minimum rate: ⅝⅜ inch and ¾-inch, $0.60; 1-inch, $1.00; 2-inch, $2.50; 3inch, $5.00; 4 inch, $10.00; 6 inch and over, $20.00. Where two or more meters are used on the same premises by the same consumer the minimum charges or rates may be combined and the consumption through the two or more meters added together and figured as if the entire quantity had passed through one meter. This also applies to municipalities, street sprinkling contractors and railroad companies. For private fire protection the minimum rate shall be based on the size of the meter used and shall be fifty (50) per cent, greater than minimum rates for meters hereinabove set forth. All fire protection services shall be metered.

Members of the Board of Control, of Cleveland, O.. recently authorized Water Commissioner Schulz to sell water to the village of South Newburg. Part of the village will be supplied from the first high-pressure service at the rate of seventy cents per 1.000 cubic feet for the first 3,000.000 feet, and fifty cents for the remainder. The part supplied by the second service will be charged the flat rate of $1 per 1.000 feet. The city rate is forty cents per 1,000 feet.

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