Water Shortage No Terror for These Towns

Water Shortage No Terror for These Towns

Lewisburg, and the surrounding Pennsylvania towns, according to Philip Dowdell, chemist of the White Deer Mountain Water Company, which supplies them, need have no fear of water shortage. This company supplies water to Dewart, Watsontown. White Deer, New Columbia, West Milton. Montandon and Lewisburg.

Mr. Dowdell is authority for the statement that there is a greater supply of water running over their dams now than ever before at this time of year.

Asked what steps the water company officials would take should an acute water shortage ever occur, Mr. Dowdell said that they would first launch a publicity campaign advertising the shortage of water and asking that citizens refrain from using water needlessly during the period of shortage. For example, people would be asked not to wash their automobiles, sprinkle their lawns, or water the streets in front of their houses.

It is a peculiar fact, said Mr. Dowdell, that the citizens of these towns waste more water washing the streets and pavements in front of their homes than the people of any other towns of like size in Central Pennsylvania. This outdoor pastime does no particular damage so long as conditions are normal, but it gets one into habits of watefulness which prove disastrous when the supply of water is short.

If further steps should be needed in the event of a water shortage, they would consist of cutting down the supplies of factories. But it is practically certain that the supply will never be so low that the communities will be rationed by the company.

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