December Gathering Held in Boston— Three Papers Read—Progress Report on Cast Iron Pipe—List of Those Present

THREE papers and one report were read at the December meeting of the New England Water Works Association, which was held following a luncheon at the Twentieth Century Club, 3 Joy Street, Boston, Mass., on Tuesday, December 8, there being 103 superintendents and engineers present. Robert Spurr Weston, consulting engineer, Boston, read a paper on “Period of Storage and Microscopic Organisms in Reservoirs”; Stephen H. Taylor, superintendent of the water department, New Bedford, Mass., discussed “The Substitution of Machinery for Hand Labor in Pipe Laying;” Henry T. Gidley, superintendent of the Fairhaven Water Company, Fairhaven, Mass., told of “The Fire Which Destroyed the Office and Shop of the Fairhaven Water Company;” and Frank A. McInnes, consulting engineer, of Boston, gave an “Informal Progress Report of the Committee on Standardization of Cast Iron Pipe.”

Announcement was made of the election of the following new members: Arthur P. Gallant, assistant foreman of the water department of Newton, Mass.; Frank T. Hook, superintendent of water works in Malden, Mass.; Frank A. Gay, superintendent of water works, Manchester, N. H.; Edgar Philip Kable, general manager of the York Water Company, York, Pa.; and Kenneth Shibley, consulting engineer, of Seattle, Wash.

President Theodore L. Bristol directed the meeting and was assisted by Secretary Frank J. Gifford. A letter was read from Leonard Metcalf, expressing appreciation of his recent election to honorary membership in the association.

Proper Periods of Water Storage

Mr. Weston had some lantern slide diagrams to accompany his address on microscopic organisms in reservoirs. These showed results obtained by an investigation made by the North Jersey Water Supply Commission and gave estimates of the percentage reduction of color of Passaic River water after storage for various periods in the Stony Brook reservoir. Figures and charts were also shown of experiments made in the reservoirs of the Wanaque and Pequannock Drainage Areas and in the Metropolitan system of Massachusetts. The ratio was shown between the length of time the water was stored and the decrease of microorganisms.

Economy Through Use of Labor-Saving Machinery

Mr. Taylor told of satisfactory results and increased efficiency obtained by the substitution of machinery for hand labor in the laying of mains and exhibited a series of pictures of a steam shovel on a movable platform and of a derrick with clam-shell scoop mounted on a caterpillar tractor. He also described the use of gasoline driven pumps and air compressors and motor dump wagons, views being flashed on the screen of the shovel at work digging a trench for a line of 48 inch cast iron pipe. Other pictures showed the derrick being used as a pile driver and of a 14 degree curve laid with straight pipe. Among those who took part in discussion were Supt. David A. Heffernan, of the Milton water department; Supt. Patrick Gear, of Holyoke; and John C. Chase, of Derry, N. H.

Report on Cast Iron Pipe

Frank A. Mclnnes declared that definite progress has been made toward the standardization of cast iron pipe, but that the desired results have not yet been obtained. He said that a steering committee had first been appointed composed of representatives of the American Society for Testing Materials, the American Gas Association, the American Water Works Association, and the New England Water Works Association. The personnel of this committee was C. L. Warwick, chairman; W. C. Morris, Frank A. Barbour, and Frank A. Mclnnes.

Two meetings were held and it was decided to organize a large sectional committee which has been done. This sectional committee is made up of one representative each from the American Electric Railway Association, the American Railway Engineering Association, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the National Fire Protection Association, the Underwriters’ Laboratory, the American Society of Civil Engineers, and the United States Bureau of Standards; three representatives each from the American Gas Association, the New England Water Works Association, and the American Society for Testing Materials; five representatives from the American Water Works Association; and representatives from twelve manufacturers of pipe.

The firms selected were as follows: one representative each from the American Cast Iron Pipe Company, J. B. Clough & Sons, the Glamorgan Pipe and Foundry Company, the Lynchburg Foundry, National Pipe Company, R. D. Wood & Co., Warren Foundry and Machine Co., and the Donaldson Iron. Company; and three representatives from the U. S. Cast Iron Pipe and Foundry Company.

The New England Water Works Association will be represented by Charles W. Sherman, William R. Conard, and F. A, Mclnnes.

Fire in a Water Works Plant

Pictures were used by Henry T. Gidley to accompany his account of the destruction by fire of the office and shop of the Fairhaven Water Company, Fairhaven, Mass. Supt. Gidley stated that the blaze originated in the boat shop of Major Casey adjoining and in close proximity to the water company property. Several nearby houses ignited on the roofs and the New Bedford fire department sent apparatus to aid the American-LaFrance pumper of the Fairhaven fire department. For a time the whole section was threatened by the fire. Among the material destroyed in the water company’s building were some new meters and a large number of tools. The records and other statistics in the safe escaped undamaged. Among the articles in the safe was a box of elastic bands which caused facetious inquiries as to why such valuable (?) things were kept in the safe.

An invitation was extended to the members of the association to attend the fuel and power dinner and conference to be given under the auspices of the Affiliated Technical Societies of Boston.

It was voted to hold the January meeting and luncheon of the association at the Twentieth Century Club.

Cement Lining for Cast Iron Pipe Discussed

Topical discussion was held upon the subject of experiences with cement lining for cast iron pipe. Among those who spoke were Charles W. Sherman, consulting engineer of the firm of Metcalf and Eddy; Frank J. Gifford, superintendent of the Dedham Water Company; Roger W. Esty, superintendent of the Danvers Water Works; David A. Heffernan, superintendent of the Milton Water Works; H. A. Hanscom, contractor of Boston ; Prof. Dwight Porter, of Malden; Albert C. Dickerman, superintendent of the East Providence Water Company; Percy R. Sanders, superintendent of water works, Concord, N. H.; H. J. Goodale, town manager of Middleboro, Mass.; Edward D. Eldredge, superintendent of the Onset Water Company, Onset, Mass.; and Samuel Harrison, of Boston.

Chief Holden, Portland, Ore., and His Youngest Employee Miss Dorothy L. Morse of Portland, Ore., has the distinction of being the only feminine employe of that city's fire bureau. She is 20 years old and holds the added distinction of being the youngest member of the fire-fighting force. With her in the picture here is Lee G. Holden, chief of the Portland fire bureau, who has been in the department for 30 years. Miss Morse is employed in the headquarters office.

Members and Associates Present

The members and associates present at the meeting were:

A. O. Doane, div. engr., M. D. C., Boston. Mass.; Richard D. Chase, New Bedford, Mass.; Lcland G. Carlton, asst, supt., Springfield. Mass.; Howard M. King, supt. water dept., Springfield. Mass.; Dwight Porter, prof, emer., M. I. T., Malden, Mass.; Charles E. Kendall, water com., Winchester, Mass.; W. E. Moore. Springfield, Mass.; Albert L. Sawyer, water reg., Haverhill, Mass.; Robert J. Thomas. Lowell, Mass.; George Bowers, cons, engr., Lowell, Mass.; William Naylor, supt. w. w., Maynard. Mass.; George H. Snell, Attleboro. Mass.; Frank P. Hall, supt. water dept., Athol, Mass.; Arthur E. Blaekmer, supt. w. w., Plymouth. Mass.; H. J. Good ale, town mgr.. Middleboro, Mass.; A. H. Tillson. supervisor w. w., Northampton. Mass.; A. C. Dickerman. supt. water co., East Providence, R. I.; George A. Carpenter, city engr., Pawtucket, R. I.; Frank E. Winsor, chief engr., water bd.. Providence, R. L; Roger W. Esty, supt. w. w., Danvers, Mass.; Nelson Boardman. asst. supt. w. w., Danvers. Mass.; F. L. Cole. supt. pub. wks., Andover, Mass.: George F. Evart, supt. w. w., Manchester, Mass.; Charles J. Crump, asst. supt. w. w., Peabody, Mass.

Harold S. Noyes, sec. water com., Newburyport, Mass.: G. E. Lourie, water dept., Bristol. Conn.; George C. Brehm, dir. pub. wks.. Waltham., Mass.; H. W. Dotten, supt. w. w., Winchester, Mass.; W. C. Classon, supt. w. w„ Leominster. Mass.; Richard H. Ellis, supt. pub. wks.. North Andover, Mass.; Walter F. Garland, supt. w. w., Draeut, Mass.; Arthur C. King, asst. supt. w. w., Taunton, Mass.; George H. Palmer, supt. water co.. Hyannis, Mass.; John C. Chase, Derry. N. H.; George A. King, supt. w. w., Tauntom Mass.; Henry A. Symonds. cons, engr., Boston. Mass.; Charles W. Sherman, cons. engr., Boston. Mass.; E. J. Titcomb, water com., Rochedale, Mass.; E. D. Eldredge. supt. water co., Onset, Mass.; Morrison Merrill, supt. w. and s., Wakefield. Mass.; Frank A. McInnes, Boston, Mass.; Robert Spurr Weston. Boston, Mass.; Theodore L. Bristol, pres, water co., Ansonia, Conn.; H. T. Gidley. supt water co., Fairhaven, Mass.; Frank J. Gifford, supt. water co., Dedham, Mass.; David A. Heffernan, supt. w. w., Milton. Mass.; P. R. Sanders supt. w. w., Concord, N. H.; Frank T. Hook, Malden. Mass.; Arthur P. Gallant, Newtonville, Mass.; H. A. Hanscom, Boston, Mass.

Frank J. O’Brien, New Britain. Conn.; Patrick Gear, supt. w. w., Holyoke, Mass.; P. J. Lucey, Holyoke, Mass.: John F. Sullivan, supt. w. w., Chicopee, Mass.; Joseph B. Conners, Boston. Mass.; Thomas A. Peirce supt. w. w., East Greenwich, R. I.; E. D. Case, c. e. and gen. mgr. The Pitometer Co., New York.; T. C. Hazard, Tr., Narragansett Pier, R. I.; Reeves J. Newsom, com. w. s.. Lynn. Mass.; Toseph A. Hoy, water dept., Worcester, Mass.; George W. Batchelder. water com., Worcester, Mass.; J. H. Libbey, Boston, Mass.; Dwight L. Agnew, supt. w. w., North Scituate, Mass.; Samuel A. Agnew. supt. w. w., Ilingham, Mass.; Frank E. Merrill, water com., Somerville, Mass.; Stephen H. Taylor, supt. w. w., New Bedford, Mass.; E. F. Lampry, Boston, Mass, (guest): D. K. MacNeil, Mattaoan, Mass, (guest); H. S. Powell. Wakefield. Mass, (guest) ; Edward Winsor, Cambridge, Mass, (guest); Tames J. Fitzgerald. Springfield, Mass, (guest) ; F. H. Haves, Boston, Hayes Pump & Mach. Corn.; J. Herman Smith, Boston, Hersey Mfg. Co.; J.

E. Price, Allston, Mass., Ganion Meter Co.; J. L. Boynton, Boston, Reading Iron Co.; W. P. Mosteller, Boston, U. S. Cast Iron Pipe & Fdry. Co.: H. C. Needham, Somerville, Mass., Pittsburgh Meter Co.: Edward M. Shedd, Brooklyn, N. Y., Thomson Meter Co.; Harry Belknap Boston, FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING.; Charles S. Holbrook,’Brookline, Engineering News-Record.

Arthur R. Taylor, Boston, Ludlow Valve Mfg. Co.; Guy C. Northrop Malden, Mass., Union Water Meter Co.; J.*W. W’ickwire.’Boston, Edson Mfg. Corp.; J. J. Milliken, Boston, Kennedy Valve Mfg. Co.; W H McGarry. Jr., Boston, Neptune Meter Co.; H. W. Jacob, Lynn, Mass Cement Lined Pipe Co.; Charles L. Brown, Northboro, Mass.; Rensselaer Valve Co.; A. B. Coulters, Providence, R. I., Builders’ Iron Fdry.; George H. Lewis. Providence, R. I., Builders’ Iron Fdry.; S. T. Ball, Belmont Mass.. Edson Mfg. Corp.; Charles F. Glavin. Boston, Donaldson Iron Co.; P. E. Kelly, Philadelphia. Pa., The Leaditc Co.; T. F. McNulty, Boston, Chapman Valve Mfg. Co.; George A. Caldwell. Mattapna, Mass., The Geo. A. Caldwell Co.; F. L. Northrop, Boston, A. P. Smith Mfg. Co ; J. B. Lufkin, Boston. National Meter Co.; Edward S. Otis. Worcester, Mass., Union Water Meter Co.; A. A. Gathemann, Boston, A. M. Byers Co.; Lawrence C. Hough. Boston. The Pitometer Co.; Raymond M Simon Philaddphia, Pa., R. D. Wood & Co.: C. H. Stebbins, Boston,

F. A. Houdlette & Son; Charles F. Flett, Jr., Boston. A. M. Byers Co.; Eugene P. Howard, Boston, Worthington Pump & Mach. Corp.; Henry H. Ashton, Boston, Ashton Valve Co.; M. C. Allan, Providence, R I., Builders’ Iron Fdry.; Samuel Harrison, Boston.

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