Water Works Improvements

Water Works Improvements

There never was a more opportune time than the present for the prosecution of water works improvements and additions. Every condition is favorable for this work. With water rates maintained practically at the same level and in some cases even increased, the prices of water works materials and supplies are on a downward trend and the utilities are in splendid shape to make the needed improvements which have been so long held in abeyance awaiting the very conditions which now prevail.

The Buyers’ Guide and Index Number of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING is published with this idea in view, so as to assist the wise buyer, who is ready to take advantage of the ripe opportunities that are now thrown in his way.

The review of the coming activities in the water works field published on page 21 is full of encouragement from this point of view. The immense total —$41,446,147—which represents improvements and additions under way and those projected by some 271 water departments and companies of this country and Canada in their programs to increase the efficiency of their water supply systems is significant, but two other facts which must be borne in mind in connection with it are even more so.

The first of these is that this huge sum represents only a fraction of the total to be spent by the water works during the coming year. Hundreds of others which have not as yet replied to the questionnaire sent out by FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING doubtless have equally as large plans for improvements as those which have already reported. To these must also be added the cities whose programs of improvement and addition have not yet been completed and others which are awaiting the passage of bond issues or the sale of bonds already issued.

The second significant fact to be noted in connection with the figures given is the general and healthy distribution of the sums which constitute this large total. They are by no means confined to the aggregate of one or two large cities, but on the contrary are remarkably evenly distributed over the list of water works, each of which has planned one, two or several needed improvements or additions through which to bring the works up to the needed efficiency. This probably constitutes the most encouraging feature of this year’s indications. The time of stagnation and waiting is past, the era of progress and improvement is upon us. The year 1922 will see a vast increase in the efficiency of the water works unless the indications are entirely false and misleading.

The past year has been one of great accomplishments in the water works field, in spite of the unfavorable conditions which prevailed during the first few months. Much work of an extensive character was pushed to completion during 1921 along the line of water works improvements. Many cities, especially during the latter months of the year, made extensions which greatly increased their facilities and added to their efficiency. But this work, judging by what has already been planned, will in no way compare with what will be accomplished during 1922. So it will be to the advantage of those water works superintendents who have not as yet made their plans for the present year to consider the unrivaled opportunities that now exist and make their plans accordingly.



Many Important New Installations Planned— Wide-Spread Increase in the Use of Meters Many Additions to Sewerage Systems


Talladega, Ala.—Triplex pump, 1,000,000 gallons daily capacity. Direct connected to oil engine, one side, friction clutch; other side, belt driven from electric motor. 3 or more wells to be driven. 2,200 feet 4-inch and 1,000 feet 6-inch main. Catalogues, pumps as above. Talladega Light and Water Company. J. R. Keller, superintendent.

Union Springs, Ala.—A bond issue of $10,000 for water works, has been voted. Address the Mayor.


Hot Springs, Ark.—Sewer system is to be extended—6and 8-inch mains. $13,000. F. A. Stearns, commissioner.

Waldron, Ark. Steps are being taken for the construction of a water works system, if the co-operation of the county can be secured.


Wislow, Ariz.—Meters, 800 ¾-inch; 100 1-inch and 50 2-inch. Five Roberts F. Co. Filters. Mains, 5,000 feet 4-inch; 1,000 feet 6-inch, 300 hydrants. Information on concrete-lined reservoirs for settling basins. H. Johnson, superintendent.


Alhambra, Cal.—Meters to be installed. Mains extended. Reservoir probably constructed. Catalogues on deep well pumps, valves and fittings. A. L. Kent, superintendent.

Calexico, Cal.—Main extension, hydrants, settling basins. Paul B. Steintorf.

Fillmore, Cal.—About 50 ⅝-inch and ¾inch and two or three 2-inch meters; auxiliary pumping plant. Catalogues, pumps, meters and pressure regulators. Clarence Arrasmith, superintendent.

Los Altas, Cal.—One 16-inch well. Catalogues, deep well pumps. W. M. Denhart, superintendent.

Los Angeles, Cal.—A $2,000,000 water project is under consideration. If carried out it will have distributing system for both irrigation and domestic service in the annexed districts. Howard Robertson, president of public service commission.

Manteca, Cal.—-A $22,000 bond issue has been voted for sewer system, part of which has been constructed by previous bond issue.

Oildale, Cal.—Meters are to be installed by the Oildale Water Company. Address Superintendent of Waterworks.

Pomona, Cal.—Pump. Wbuld like catalogs on turbine and centrifugal pumps, electric motors and water meters. Kingsley Beach Water Company.

Stockton, Cal.—200 Empire and Trident meters, 5/8-inch to 2-inch. Pacific Gas and Electric Co., J. W. Hall, superintendent.

Tujunga, Cal.—Fifteen ¾-inch, eight ¾and 1-inch. One standpipe. Other improvements, $2,000. Catalogs and information on irrigation waters. Haines Canyon Water Co. Superintendent, C. C. Buck.

Wheatland, Cal.—A new pump and mains are to be installed. Address President of city trustees.


London, Ont.—Well to be driven, 150 meters installed, 14.700 feet of mains laid, 15 hydrants installed. E. Buchanan, general manager.

Saskatoon, Sask.—Pumps to approximate total value with fittings, $9,000. New mains, value $20,000, with hydrants, etc. Sewer installations, value $24,000. City Commissioner, C. J. Yorath.

Winnipeg, Man.—City changes on May 1, from artesian system to lake supply. Mains may be extended and meters installed. Thos. H. Hooper, superintendent.


Longmont, Col.—Main line storm sewers are to be put in. H. F. Shumaker, superintendent.


Canaan, Conn.—The North Canaan Water Company has been authorized to increase its capital stock from $20,000 to $50,000.

Hartford. Conn.—A filtration plant is tr be built. Estimated cost approximately $400,000.

New Britain, Conn.—24 hydrants to be installed and probably reservoir and standpipe to be erected, extension of sewer system. Water commissioners authorized survey’s for proposed improvements.

New Haven, Conn.—The $300,000 bond issue is now available for municipal work and the sewer system will be greatly extended. Address Mayor Fitzgerald.

Putnam, Conn.—Improvements to the sewage disposal system are suggested and include receiving pit and motor driven pumping outfit with ten feet lift. A. W. Marcy, mayor.

Seymour, Conn.—Installation of larger mains and connections and general extension of the service are to begin soon as possible by the Seymour Water Company. Address Secretary.

Southington, Conn.—Preliminary surveys are being made for a new reservoir. Mains to be extended and meters and hydrants installed. S. H. MacKenzie superintendent Water Department .

Wruerbury, Conn.—It is proposed to install 2.000 meters this summer. Addrtss City Engineer Cairns.


Languun, u. C.—One 153-gallon p. m. Rumsey triplex pump; one small Dean, 100-gallon p. m. One 12-inch air lift well. General reconstruction of water works under consideration. Corby Co., Wm. E. Greaves, Chief Engineer.


Bunnell, Fla.—The question of issuing $15,000 bonds for water system and other improvements was voted on favorably. Address the Mayor.

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.—One Unit 300-gallon p. m. to supply softening plant, 10,000 gallon p. h. mechanical filter unit. Xyi miles mains, principally 4-inch, 20 hydrants, 50,000 gallon level reinforced concrete reservoir. 10,000 gallon p. h. softening plant. Superintendent H. C. Davis.

Pensacola, Fla.—Appropriation of $80,000 available for waterworks, sewers, etc. G. H. Hinrichs, water commissioner.


Atlanta, Ga.—The city votes March 5 on bond issue of $500,000 for water works improvement. Address city clerk.

Southwest LaGrange, Ga.—Direct connected motor driven pump 500 G. P. M. 2300 volt 60 cycle, A. C., maximum head 150 feet. One filter, 750 G. P. M. gravity. Four miles main extension, 5,000,000 gallons storage reservoir, sewage disposal plant and 9 miles laterals and outfall. G. H. Sargent, city engineer.


Moscow, Ida.—The sewer system is to be extended about a mile, if funds can be raised. H. J. Smith, city engineer.

Nampa, Ida.—The city council plans to expend $100,000 on sewer extension and disposal plant. Lee R. Cook, city engineer.


Atlanta. Ill.—The pumping plant is to be remodelled at a cost of approximately $2,000. Address A. W. Chenowith, mayor.

Decatur, Ill.—About 300 s£-inch meters. Probably mains, valves and hydrants. Contract to be let in spring for 2-billion gallon reservoir, including dam 1,300 feet long. 500 feet concrete spillway. 800 foot earth dam. Plans for 3 mile intercepting sewer and Imhoff tanks, in 1920 probably. Water superintendent. Harry Puthrauff. Sewer, Chas. Becker.

Edwardsville, Ill.—50 ¾-inch and ⅝-inch meters, 5,000 feet 4-inch mains. 10 hydrants. Edwardsville Water Co.. Superintendent. W. A. Glass.

Rockford. Ill.—City plans to expend about $27,000 for sewer extension. S. B. Hand, city engineer.

Rock Island, Ill.—A survey is to be made to obtain a pure water supply for the arsenal and the tri-cities. Col. H. B. Jordan, commandant of arsenal.

Peoria Heights, Ill.—A storm sewer under Grandview drive will probably be constructed. Clerk of village board.

Springfield, Ill.—A new sewer district has been authorized in northeast part of city. Address President of Council.


Jeffersonville, Ind.—A new pump is to be purchased, 2 1/2 million gallons per 24 hours,^ cross compound duplex, noncondensing. H. W. Strauss, secretary, Jeffersonville Water, Light and Power Company.

i^ogansport, Ind.—A project for meter installation is under consideration. Address City Engineer Bell.

New Albany, Ind.—Residents of Glenwood Place have petitioned for four hvdrants in that section. Chairman Board of Public Works.


Ackley, la.—One deep well pump, for 8inch well. One 8-inch well. Several blocks of mains. Two or more hydrants. 132 feet sewer. Superintendent. Wm. Sauter.

Aurelia, la.—A sanitary sewer system is to be built here. C. H. Currie, city engineer.

Calmar, la.—Complete new well outfit. Two filter units, 1 well to be driven. At least 2,000 feet mains. About 6 hydrants. All mains to be cleaned. Filter beds for sewers and extensions of about 2,000 feet. Catalogs and information, well outfits, piping, pumps (electric outfit), sewer pipe, water mains, hydrants. Address superintendent.

Cedar Rapids, la.—Six-inch cast iron mains are to he laid. L. J. Storey, city clerk.

Centerville, la. —Extension of sewer system is proposed.

Des Moines, la.—Southwest sewer to cost approximately $450,000; South Des Moines Sewer to cost approximately $200,000. City Engineer, K. C. Kastberg.

Shenandoah, la.—Election will be held to vote on issue of water works bonds.

Waterloo, la.—Extension of sewerage system is under consideration. Chairman of Water, Sewer and Gas Committee, City Hall.


Manhattan, Kan.—Cleaning of mains under consideration. Superintendent B. L. Ulrich.

St. John. Kan.—An election will be held in April to vote on bond issue for new power house for water and light department. Address The Mayor.

Topeka, Kan.—One or two 12-inch centrifugal pumps, motor driven, are to be installed and five or more wells to be driven. Jesse Shaw, superintendent.


Ashland, Ky. Plans are being made to build filtration plant, new pumping station and install a general meterage system. Thomas Boggess, city engineer.

Hopkinsville, Ky -The city plans a new sewer system or extensive improvements in the old. Secretary Business Men’s Association.

Richmond, Ky. Bond issue for $150,000 available for sewer system and paving. The Mayor.

Paducah, Ky. The city is considering taking over the water company’s plant in which case improvements will be made.

Sturgis, Ky.—A company has been formed and will build a water works system this year Address President of the Citizens’ Waterworks Co.

Winchester, Ky. The city offers $180.000 water works bonds for sale. L. B. Tracy, city clerk.


Graydon, La.—Tank, 65,000 gallons capacity, 100 feet head. Water mains all over town. M. T. Ramsey, Mayor.

Marksville, La.—Special election on $35,000 bond issue for water works carried the irsue. Address the Mayor.


Bangor, Me.—Extension and replacement of water mains will be undertaken in the spring. M. A. Sinclair, superintendent.

Belfast, Me.—An act to incorporate the Belfast Water District is before the State Legislature. The purpose of incorporation is to acquire and improve the existing water plant.

Brownville Junction, Me.—Brownville and Williamsburg Water Company plans to extend and improve its service. Address secretary of the company.

Dover, Me.—The Dover-Foxcroft water board will install a water purifying system at the pumping station. Willis S. Ham, chairman.

Island Falls, Me.—The Island Falls Water District is to be formed, to improve water supply system.

Kittery, Me.—The navy department has loaned the Kittery Water District $150,000 to improve the water supply for the city and navy yard. Kittery will add $50,000.

Standish, Me. -The Steep Falls Water Company has been incorporated with capital of $10,000 to supply the towns of Standish and I.imington with water. Benj. E. Cousins, Alice J. Cousins and Augustus F. Moulton, incorporators.

Skowhegan, Me. -A vote will be taken July 21. on issue of bonds to provide a water works system. Address Representative Smith.


Bladensburg, Md. The Sanitary District Commissioners of Montgomery and Prince George counties will effect extensive improvements in water supply system to cover large area. T. Howard Duckett.

Cumberland, Md. -A bond issue of $200,000 has been ordered, for three miles of water pipe and other municipal improvements. M. R. Hart, city clerk.

Princess Anne. Md.—A water system is to be installed in this place, at an approximate cost of $60,000. L. J. Houston. consulting engineer.


Auburn, Mass.—A movement is on foot to construct a water system. A $60,000 bond issue is suggested. Chairman, board of selectmen.

Belmont, Mass.—Will meter all services. Superintendent, E. J. Looney.

Brockton, Mass.—Appropriation of $25,000 made for sewerage extension. Clerk of council.

Cambridge, Mass.—Contemplating 20million gallon filtration plant. Walter II. Harding, Clerk Water Board.

Chicopee, Mass.—Commissioners and aldermen are debating the best plan for increase of the water supply. Some advocate a standpipe to cost about $60,000. Address chairman of water commissioners.

Easthampton, Mass.—The water department wishes to complete the work of metering this year. About 237 are needed. Superintendent of waterworks.

Fitchburg, Mass.—A bill has been passed allowing the city to borrow money for extension of its water system.

Haverhill, Mass.—Considerable extension of mains and installation of new hydrants are urged by National Board of Fire Underwriters. Address the M ayor.

Lee, Mass.—An appropriation of $860 has been made for hydrants. Clerk of Council, Edward J. Maloney.

Lowell, Mass.—Fifty-two new wells are to be sunk at once. Robert J. Thomas, superintendent of water department.

Mansfield, Mass.—The subject of increasing the water supply is being agitated. Address FIngineer Symonds, of the Water Department.

Pittsfield, Mass.—A six-inch water main extension is to be made. Chairman Board of Public Works.

Shelburne Falls, Mass.—Many families are applying for meters as soon as the high price is lowered. At least 300 are wanted this year.

Swampscott, Mass.—1,200 feet 6-inch mains. 2 hydrants. Superintendent, John M. Mather.

West Springfield, Mass.—Extension of water mains is recommended in the town warrant. Address town clerk.

West Springfield, Mass.— It is planned to resume work on the Tatham sewer, also to extend other parts of the sewer system. Clerk of Council.

Woburn, Mass.—Extension of water mains and meter installation are being considered. Superintendent Macksey.

Worcester, Mass.—The finance committee proposes to ask the Legislature for permission to borrow $750,000 for water supply improvement. Address Fred A. Minor, president board of aidermen.


Albion, Mich.—The city has sold the $50,000 bond issue for water works.

Alpena, Mich.—About 1,500 meters, mostly 5/8-inch and ¾-inch. Depending on water list and drop in price of iron; may install filter system. Two hydrants. Three blocks sewer. Information and catalogs, filtration plants and water softening apparatus. Water superintendent, C. F. Park; sewer, Wm. Stout.

Battle Creek, Mich.—Three wells are to be driven and mains extended 2 miles, 6 to 16 inches, thirty hydrants placed and meters installed in following sizes: 260, 5/8-inch; 20, 3/4-inch; 5, 1inch, and a few larger. Pumps to be purchased: One vertical centrifugal, 30 h. p„ 2,500 G. P. M„ 35-foot lift; one horizontal centrifugal 150 h. p., 2,200 G. P. M , 30-foot lift. Electric motor used. W. W. Brigden, city engineer.

Cedar Springs, Mich.—200 gallons p. m. pump and oil engine for same. Information and catalogs, ditto. Superintendent. C. S. Clark.

Detroit, Mich.—The budget this year provides for $12,000,000, to be spent in water works improvements. The largest item is a new filtration plant. Address Alex. Dow, Board of Water Commissioners.

Highland Park, Mich.—Extension of the sewer system is proposed. Delmer C. Gowing, city clerk.

Jackson, Mich.— Enlargement of water mains is planned when prices of cast won pipe come down. R. H. Moth, superintendent of water works.

Lansing, Mich.—A bond issue of $25,000 is proposed for sewer extension of five miles. Address Clerk of Council.

Marquette, Mich.—Centennial Heights Water Company plans extensive repairs in its water mains. President, Frank Larson.

Mt. Pleasant, Mich.—Probable extensions of mains, and new wells and hydrants; also trunk, storm and sanitary sewers, and sewage disposal works. Wants catalogs and information on pumps. Superintendent, R. T. Raullin.

Pontiac, Mich.—-Bond issue of $325,000 for sewage disposal system will be voted on at the spring election.

Sturgis, Mich.—Meters, probably 50 flinch meters; 1,600 feet mains; four hydrants; 2,500 feet 10 and 8-inch sewers. Superintendent, J. S. Flanders.


Albert Lee, Minn.—Special election to be held March 18, on $50,000 bond issue for water works.

Brainerd, Minn.—Two 1,000 gallon, 125 h. p. 2-stage alternating current or direct current centrifugal pump. 120-lb. pressure at station fire service. About 2,000 meters. Eight 8-inch tubular wells, 50 to 60 feet deep. Mains to be extended and relaid. Total new pipe, 12 miles. One 1,000-gallon concrete storage reservoir, one 300,000-gallon elevated tank, all concrete, 140 feet high. Bond issue $150,000 to be voted April. Secretary, Wm. Nelson.

Cloquet, Minn.—Town wiped out by fire October 12, 1918. Plans incomplete. About 300 3/8-inch meters. Superintendent, Archie Campbell.

Fairmont, Minn.—Filtration plant with capacity of 1,000,000 gallons has been decided on. Bids will be asked in spring. C. H. Currie, engineer, Webster City, la.

Graceville, Minn.—A bond issue of $10,000 for waterworks has been voted.

International Falls, Minn.—Site for city water plant is to be bought immediately.

Luverne, Minn.—A waterworks system is to be installed. Address the mayor.

Minneapolis, Minn.—City council has passed resolutions authorizing construction of two miles of water mains. Address City Clerk.

New Prague, Minn.—Steel water tank to be constructed, 60,000 gallon. Information and cat^ogs all necessary material for sewer system. Water superintendent, Jos. T. Rynda; sewer, Mike Polak.

New Ulm, Minn.—Additions to water system are projected. A. J. Mueller, city superintendent.

Pipiestone, Minn.—Water works proposition, involving expenditure of $77,000, including item for motor apparatus, etc. General superintendent, F. E. Coggswell.


Hollandale, Miss.—Bids will be received until April 8 for 1-story pumping house and dam. Estimated cost $17,000. Address Morgan Engineering Company, Goodwyn Institute Bldg., Memphis, Tenn.

Magnolia, Miss.—About 200 water meters are to be installed. X. A. Krameo engineer.


Carrollton, Mo.—One 350-gallon p. m. centrifugal pump, 210 feet head, 75 34inch meters. One half-million gallon filter unit. Two 8-foot wells, 1,700 feet 4 and 6-inch, 2,000 feet 8-inch mains; 750,000 gallon settling basin. Superintendent F. McDonald.

St. Joseph, Mo.—Two 80-feet wells, 12 inches diameter, are to be sunk by Morris and Company at their South St. Joseph plant. Estimated cost of one well, $12,000.


Cut Bank, Mont.—Water mains are to be extended to the north side of the town. Clerk of council.

Great Falls, Mont.—Committee has been appointed to decide on plans for sewer project. Ben. C. Johnston, County Commissioner.

Havre, Mont.—The water bonds issue ior $75,000 is now available T. W. McKenzie, mayor.

Kalispell, Mont.—100 ⅝-inch meters. Superintendent, W. H. Lawrence.

Laurel, Mont.—Extension of water system is planned. James H. Jordan, City Clerk.-

Miles City, Mont.—New equipment is to he purchased for the city water and light plant, to consist of a 500 kilowatt combination engine and generator, two 300 h. p. tubular boilers and an ash conveyor. Address city clerk.


Aurora, Neb.—Probably 50 34-mch meters; hydrants wanted and mains to be extended. Superintendent, A. M. Glover.

Bayard, Neb.—Plans have been prepared for water works improvement.

Fairbury, Neb.—Centrifugal motor drive pump, 700 G. P. M.; water mains extensions, 5 hydrants, possibly standpipe, electric machinery. Superintendent, G. D. Myers.

Geneva, Neb.—The $35,000 bond issue for sewer construction carried by a large majority at recent election.

Hasting, Neb.—City council has authorized extension of water mains.

Lincoln, Neb.—Extensive improvements in the water system are under consideration. Address Wm. Schroeder, Water Commissioner.

Nebraska City, Neb.—Sewer system is to be extended. Address the Mayor.

Seward, Neb.—A source of water supply has been found by persistent drilling and a bond issue of $100,000 will probably be made to construct a water system.

Scottsbluff, Neb.—Probably four centrifugal 887-gallon motor driven pumps. About 100 5/8-inch and ¾-inch meters. One 8-inch well. About 100 feet 14inch. 450 feet 12-inch, and 1,200 feet 8inch mains. Also a few hydrants. Probably some sewer installations. Water superintendent, Chas. H. Simmons; sewer, Arthur L. Selzer.


Fallon, Nev.—About 35 meters Sufficient mains and hydrants to handle growth. Approximately $1,000 in sewer installations. Information and catalogs. automatic controlled pumping equipment for shallow wells, pumping against head of 60-108 pounds. Superintendent, L. W. Crehore.


Woodsville, N. H.—600-gallon p. m. gasoline pump. Catalog and information, ditto. Superintendent, G. E. Jennings.


Asbury Park, N. J.—Citizens urge extension of water mains and installation of a high pressure system for fire protection on the beach front. Address Chief of Department.

Atlantic City, N. J.—6 and 8-inch mains. About 10 hydrants. Concrete reservoir weir; about 10,000 feet 48-inch gravity conduit. Superintendent L. Von Gilder.

Bridgeton, N. J.—About 475 feet of sewer mains are to be laid this spring. Commissioner W. D. Frederick.

Dover, N. J.—A sewerage system is to be installed at an estimated cost of about $450,000. Address Clyde Potts, Morristown, N. J.

Egg Harbor, N .J.—5,000 feet c. i. pipe. Two hydrants. Eight miles sewer, with disposal plant. Information and catalogs, recording water pressure gauge. Superintendent, A. C. Goller.

Hawthorne, N. J.—Two wells. Half-mile 8-inch mains. Information and catalogs. Steam, oil and gasoline engines. Mechanics and pipe tools. Superintendent, W. J. Carman.

Jersey City, N. J.—New specifications have been adopted for completion of 72-inch pipe line and bids will be advertised for. Michael Fagen, Commissioner.

Kearney, N. J.—This town plans to connect with Jersey City for a water supply. Address Clerk of Council.

Matawan, N. J.—Water main extension has been decided on by council. Address Bennett K. Eskesen, water committee.

Montclair. N. J.—It is proposed to construct about 4,000 feet of sewers. Commissioner John C. Barclay.

Morristown, N. J.—Sewer extensions are planned to include all parts of the town.

Newark, N. J.—Plans are being drawn for new sewage disposal plant at Overbrook Hospital and Essex Mountain Sanatorium. County Engineer Reimer.

North Bergen, N. J.—Residents of the Granton section urge extension of water mains to that district, by the Hackensack Water Company.

Nutley, N. J.—100 5/8-inch meters. 7,200 feet main sewer, including 2,000 feet dock tunnel. Also 5,000 feet lateral sewers. Eliot N. Smith, town engineer.

Passaic, N. J.—The installation of a meter system is being agitated. Many favor the plan. Address the Mayor.

Perth Amboy, N. J.—A bond issue of $30,000 has been authorized, to acquire land for development of water supply. Frank Dorsey, Mayor.

West Newark, N. J.—Measures are in progress for supplying water to this district. Address Richard S. Earl, chairman Township Committee.


Eggertsville, N. Y.— It is expected that plans for a new sewerage system will be carried out soon. About 28 miles may be constructed. Address County Engineer Diehl.

Elmira, N. Y.—The sewer mains are to be extended immediately. Chairman Board of Public Works.

Frankfort, N. Y.—Mains to be extended, hydrants and valves installed and possibly chlorination system for water purification installed. Would like catalogs on water works machinery. Thos. Honohan. superintendent.

Hamburg, N. Y.—The town has voted to have a sewer system installed. Address Willard H. Ticknor.

Irondequoit, N. Y.—Improvements to include a water supply are requested by property owners in newly developed section. Address Clerk of Town Roard.

Johnson City, N. Y.—A sewer system is proposed for this village. Address Chairman of Village Board.

Kenmore, N. Y.—Considerable sewer extension is planned for this year. President Board of Trustees.

Lockport, N. Y.—Construction of a new sewer is proposed. Clerk of Council.

Long Island City, N. Y.—Extensive plans are being made for sewer systems in the Borough of Queens, at estimated cost of $12,000,000. Borough President Connolly has asked $4,252,630 for work this year.

Middleport, N. Y.—Bond issue of $20,000 is to be voted on, March 18, for filtration plant. Address city clerk.

Niagara Falls, N. Y.—The city government will install 2,500 meters this year. Address the city manager.

Oswego, N. Y.—One 10,000,000-gallon electric driven pump. Information and catalogs, centrifugal pumps.

Syracuse, N. Y.—The problem of sewage disposal is being considered and it is probable that installation of a suitable plant will soon be decided upon. H. C. Allen, city engineer.

Snyder, N. Y.—Plans have been drawn for a sewer system. Address the town clerk.

Williamsville, N. Y.—Plans are being made to construct a sewer system for sewer district No. 1. Address Town Clerk.


Minot, N. D.—Plans are perfected for reservoir and water mains. $116,000 A. D. Ilagenstein, city clerk.


Akron, Ohio—Two 500-gallon p. m. motor driven centrifugal pumps. 3,000 5/8inch meters. 15 miles distribution system, 2 1/4 miles 48-inch force mains, 300 hydrants, one 125,000-gallon steel tank. $3,000,000 bond issue proposed for sewers. Information and catalogs, power plant and water works equipment. Chief engineer, G. G. Dixon, 102 East Mill street.

Barberton, Ohio—New pumping equipment and extension of mains are asked for by the service director, Gus Seiberling.

Bellefontaine. Ohio—Water works imnroVements costing about $100,000 are being planned. W. J. Sherman Company, consulting engineers.

Bellevue, Ohio—The city voted favorably on plan to issue $135,000 water bonds, for construction of 100,000,000gallon reservoir.

Bowling Green. Ohio -Extension of water mains is requested by certain districts. Chairman of committee on streets.

Chagrin Falls, OhioAbout otic mile 8inch mains to be cleaned. Information and catalogs water main cleaning apparatus or concerns doing work. Superintendent. Wm. Gifford.

Columbus, Ohio—-It is probable that a new feed line to the north and northeast sections of the city will soon be installed, also a new pump. Address Superintendent O’Shaughnessy, of the water works.

Cuyahoga Falls, O. Water improvement bonds for $55,000 have been authorized.

Dayton, Ohio One 4.000,000-gallon 180foot head pump, and possibly one other large steam driven engine, some fireline meters. Four miles mains, 7,500 tons pipe, if reasonable market. Hydrants. as needed, after survey. Possibly small settling basin. Stand pipe 42 feet diameter and 90 feet high, sewer department. Water superintendent, H. C. Wight, sewer, J. E. Madlgan.

Defiance, Ohio—About 5,000 feet of water main are to be laid, partly from stock in hand, but some new pipe will bo needed. Service Director Myers.

Fremont, Ohio—A deep well system or a filtration plant arc planned for this city. W. G. Clark, engineer, Toledo.

Greenville, Ohio—A Venturi meter for use at the pumping station is to be purchased. Address Service Director Demorest.

Lorain, Ohio—500 ⅝-inch meters. Two to four new filters. $90,000 to be spent on plant, to increase capacity 50 per cent. Approximately 20 hydrants. One settling basin. Director public service, W. A. Pillans.

Middletown, Ohio—Meters are to be installed in all local manufacturing plants. Address Superintendent of Water Works.

New Plvladelphia, Ohio—The 13 wells in the municipal water system are to be cleaned Service Director Charles Englehart.

Oberlin, Ohio—One 600-gallon p. m. single stage motor driven centrifugal pump, one 1,500-gallon p. m. two-stage gasoline engine driven pump, 3,000 feet 8-inch mains to be cleaned, 1,100 feet 8-inch, 425 feet 10-inch, 1,200 feet 12inch, 500 feet 15-inch, 400 feet 18-inch, 775 feet 24-inch, 550 feet 30-inch storm sewer. Superintendent, W. Shickler.

Oxford, Ohio One 1,500,000-gallon p 24 hours pump, one standpipe. Information and catalogs, motor driven pumps for alternating current. Super intendent, J. F. Ovcrholtz.

Tremont, Ohio It is proposed to install meters in schools and other public buildings. Address Safety and Service Director Baker.

Urbana, Ohio Mayor Talbott has recommended the installation of two additional hydrants at the high school building.

Van Wert, OhioInformation and catalogs on deep well pumps. Superintendent, O. C. McDonald.

Wauseon, Ohio The water board is considering the construction of a pipe line ten miles in length, to improve the supply.

Woodsfield, Ohio—145 $4and ¼-inch meters. Information and catalogs on gas or engine driven pumps. Superintendent, W. T. Workman.

Wooster, Ohio Town in need of a new pump at Water Works.

Youngstown, Ohio—Steps are being taken to provide a new water system. City Engineer Lillie.


Ada, Okla. -The city is to vote again OD the $85,000 water bonds issue, defeated in January.

Broken Bow, Okla. -Measures are being taken for construction of water system. Address the Mayor.

Carnegie, Okla. -City wants prices on deep well putnp and electric motor. Hay Benward, mayor.

Duncan, Okla. Plans arc made for $65,000 sewer construction.

Duncan, Okla. Extension of water mains, costing approximately $30,000. is under consideration. Plans prepared by Benham Engineering Company, Colcord Bldg., Oklahoma City.

El Reno, Okla. -50 5/8-inch meters, four hydrants. One mile 6-inch water mains. One mile sewers. Address superintendent.

Idabel, Okla.—The city has engaged Benham Engineering Company, Oklahoma City, to prepare plans for sewer and disposal plant.

Madill, Okla.—Appropriation of $60,000 available for water works improvements. Address city clerk.

Richer, Okla —An election is soon to be ailed to vote on a bond issue for nunicipa] water system.

Pawhuska, Okla.—A vote will be taken on question of bond issue of $200,000 or $300,000 to establish water works system.

Woodward, Okla.—A bond issue of $30.000 has been voted, to install water and electric light plant. Address The Mayor.


Newmarket, Ont.—The town council has decided to build a water works system. James, Loudon and Hcrtzberg, engineers, Toronto.

Scarborough, Ont.—A water system is to be installed. W. D. Annis, town clerk.


Portland, Ore.—A bill has been sent to the State Legislature, providing for a sewer system for Northeastern section of citv. City Engineer Laurgaard.


Ardmore, Pa.—Ardmore Civic Association has started a movement for establishing a water supply system to be owned by the Low’er Merion Township, in which the village is included. Address President of Association.

Erie, Pa.—Plans for sew’er system enlargement call for $100,000. Theodore Eichorn, director of streets.

Punxutawney, Pa.—1 mprovements planned are installation of 100 new hydrants, 10,000 feet extension of mains, construction of reservoir with capacity of half-million gallons and rebuilding of the impounding dam. Address R. S. Kensig, superintendent.

Woodbury, Pa.—Meters will probably be installed. Address President of Council.


Newport, R. I.—A larger water main is to be laid to Port Adams. Address Superintendent of Water Works.

Pawtucket, R. I.—Appropriation has been made of $35,000 for w’ater works.


Bennettsville, S. C.—About 25 ⅝⅜-inch meters, 300 feet 4-inch cast iron mains, one hydrant. Possibly steam engine. 300 feet sewers. Superintendent, S. C. M orrison.


Elk Point, S. D.—A preliminary survey is to be made for the sewerage system it is expected will be started in the spring.

Madison, S. D.—Voters have authorized bond issue of $25,000 for sewerage system.

Menno, S. D.—A bond issue of $25,000 for a water system has been voted. Mayor Frasch.

Sioux Falls, S. D.—Probably 5 miles mains, 25 hydrants. Possibly iron removal plant. Sanitary system sewer ordered by board of commissioners, possibly 10 or 15 blocks. Water superintendent F. J. Connor; sewer, P. Gunderson.

Spencer, S. D.—The construction of a water works system is planned for this year. Mayor, William Hoese.

Watertown, S. D.—If prices are not too high, filtration plant and settling tank. Mayor, A. F. Hopkins.

Woonsocket, S. D.—A drainage system is to be installed this spring. Mayor Dalton.


Nashville, Tenn.—This city is calling for a bond issue of $1,000,000 for water works and improvements. May be issued without putting to vote.


Brownsville, Texas—An issue of $115,000 b.mds forwater and light has been sold. W. E. Anderson, city manager, undertaken soon.

Dallas, Tex.—Construction of 6-inch water mains in a city district is to be undertaken soon. Commissioner Cason. About $2,250.

De Leon, Tex.—Steps are being taken for installation of water works system. Address The Mayor.

Hillsboro, Tex.—The bond issue of $40,000 for waterworks will soon be available. J. E, Green, secretary water committee.

Laredo, Tex.—Plans for a complete sewer system are being prepared. Address the Mayor.

San Angelo, Tex.—A filtration plant is under consideration at an estimated expenditure of $30,000. Address The Mayor.

San Benito, Tex.—Improvements are planned by the San Benito Water and Electric Company. Address president of company.


Barre, Vt.—Water committee recommends installation of gates and hydrants and the rebuilding of the reducing chambers. F. O. Lee, superintendent.


Fredericksburg, Va.—One 14-inch Venturi meter. Small amount of mains, 2 or 3 hydrants, electric tell-tale for reservoir, concrete screen chambers at intakes, about $15,000 worth sewers. Information and catalogues. Venturi meters and electric tell-tales. City Manager, L. J. Houston.

Winchester, Va.—About 1.500 feet of 6ineh cast iron water mains are to be added to the system. Address T. J. Trier, city manager, City Hall.


Oroville, Wash.—Two hydrants. Information and catalogs, rock crushing machinery. Superintendent, E. R. Hoose.

Tacoma, Wash.—Plans for five or six trunk sewers and a large intercepting sewer are advocated by James C. Manley, city engineer.

Walla Walla, Wash.—The installation of a filtration plant is being discussed. Expert advice will be secured to decide between that and a storage reservoir. Chairman City Commissioners.


Clarksburg, W. Va.—Waterworks additions to cost $100,000 are being considered. T. S. Long, City Hall.

Fairmont. W. Va.—The water works system is to be considerably improved. Ira L. Smith, water commissioner.

Point Pleasant, W. Va.—Two centrifugal pumps, 50 and 100 gallons capacity, motor driven, 1 1/4 miles mains, 20 hydrants. About 2 miles sewers. Point Pleasant Water and Light Co. Superintendent, E. E. Thomas.

South Charleston, W. Va.—The South Charleston Utilities Company has been incorporated with $50,000 capital stock, to construct and operate waterworks at that place. Address L. C. Massey.


Appleton, Wis.—100 ⅝-inch meters, 1 mile 6-inch mains, 10 hydrants, ½-mile Sj^-foot sewer. Water superintendent, F. R. Morris; sewer, O. Wiessgerber.

Chilton, Wis.—Sewer extension to be made calls for 3,000 feet 6-inch sewer pipe. Clerk of Council.

Clintonville, Wis.—The experimental well dug seems to be a success and three others are to be dug, with power house and electrical pump. Address Charles Folkman.

Green Bay, Wis.—About $150,000 will be spent this year on sewers and streets. City Engineer W. W. Reed.

Janesville, Wis.—Large extension of water mains is planned for this year. Benj. F. Guiney, president of water board.

Manitowoc, Wis.—The sewer system is to be extended into districts not now served. Water main extension will soon be undertaken. Arthur H. Zander, city clerk.

Neenah, Wis.—Mains are to be extended and a meter installed at the city plant to register daily pumpage. Address Chairman Water Commission.

Racine, Wis.—Several miles of water mains are to be laid this year. Address Superintendent of water works.

Wausaw, Wis.—The city contemplates building a filtration plant with air lift system and two reservoirs of 2,500,000 gallons capacity.

West Allis, Wis.—Plans are progressing for tank and filter beds addition. A. E. Wichner, city clerk.

West Bend, Wis.—A pump is needed for the new deep well. Address City Clerk.


Cheyenne, Wyo.—Sanitary and storm sewer construction recommended. Approximately $150,000. E. W. Glafcke, city engineer.

Gillette, Wyo.—Superintendent M. L. Thomas, 1,000 gallons per minute. Also 100 meters, 5/8-inch size. Would like catalogs on pumps for wells 100 feet deep, 1,000 g. p. m., against 140 feet head.

Glenrock, Wyo.—Filter beds are to be extended, five hydrants installed and standpipe constructed. Catalogues from manufacturers of standpipes desired. W. L. Fenex, mayor.

Powell, Wyo.—Proposed sewage disposal works. Information and catalogs on 50,000 gallon per day filter unit.